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Vivek Agnihotri gave his opinion on Shahrukh Khan’s successful films ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawaan’. We wonder how the superstar will react to this latest criticism.

Vivid Agnihotri has spoken about his issues with Shah Rukh Khan’s recent blockbusters. The Vaccine War director said he watched ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawaan’ and didn’t think much of them. In an interview with RJ, Vivek Agnihotri said that his most recent film, The Vaccine War, was the biggest box office flop of all time. Giving his opinion, Siddharth Kannan said that Shahrukh Khan is more capable.

Vivek said, “I think his recent films are very superficial. He is capable of much more than that. Whatever new films have come, we should watch them. I’ve found that the ones I’ve seen are really shallow. They hold their own as action films, but I don’t think they deserve to be held up as the gold standard of cinema or as a sign of the demise of the entertainment industry. If so, I would call it sycophancy. It’s an issue for me.”

Shahrukh Khan the reason for the demise of the industry?

Vivek Agnihotri recently targeted Bollywood’s biggest star Shahrukh Khan and said that the young actor is responsible for the ruin of the industry. “But I don’t agree with Shahrukh Khan’s politics. I believe that it is because of him that Bollywood has been ruined. They have ruined everything in Bollywood. Now, nothing is acceptable unless it involves a publicity stunt, media attention or celebrity status. This is my dilemma. Shahrukh Khan has remained silent on the allegations against him.

Jawan has earned Rs 600 crore at the film office on the 25th day of its release, but ‘The Vaccine War’ is winning the hearts of the audience by Jawan Toofan and till now has been able to earn only Rs 3 crore at the box office. The film narrates the struggle against COVID on behalf of the common people and how victory was ultimately achieved thanks to the efforts of Indian scientists who developed a vaccine.

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