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In a recent interview with ANI, versatile actor Pankaj Tripathi, known for his nuanced performances in films like “Stree” and “Mirzapur”, opened up about the same. the issue of Stereotyping in Bollywood He believes that actors are often typecast based on their looks, which leads to A Lack of diversity and authenticity on screen.

Stereotyping in Bollywood

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One of the most exciting things that Tripathi says is that some looks are not considered “heroic” or “rich” enough for Bollywood. He uses Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire chairman of Reliance Industries, as an example. “Will they ever cast Mukesh Ambani as a rich man in a film?”. Tripathi asks rhetorically. “No, because he doesn’t have hero looks.”

This statement highlights the shallow and often unrealistic beauty standards that plague the Hindi film industry. Filmmakers often consider persons As the ideal candidate for lead roles, having “fair skin, sharp features and a certain physical build”, absolute Of his acting ability. This limits opportunities for talented actors who do not fit this mold and perpetuates harmful stereotypes about what it means to be successful or attractive.

Doctor and engineer in the film

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Tripathi criticizes Depiction of other professions such as doctor and engineer in Bollywood films. Katrina Kaif was a doctor in Sooryavanshi, but have you seen her in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)?

However, Tripathi also sees a ray of hope for the future. He believes that the rise of streaming platforms and changing preferences of audience Slowly forcing Bollywood to become more diverse and inclusive. “There’s a shift happening,” he says. “People are now looking for real and relevant stories, which means there’s room for all types of actors, not just People Which fit into the traditional framework.”

future of bollywood

Will Mukesh Ambani be cast as a rich man in

Pankaj Tripathi is important for the ongoing conversation about representation in Bollywood. His willingness to challenge the prejudices prevalent in the industry is a step towards a more egalitarian society and an authentic cinematic landscape. Although there is still a long way to go, Tripathi’s words offer hope for a future where the industry judges actors on their talent rather than their looks and where diverse stories can be told on the big screen Are.

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Will Mukesh Ambani be cast as a rich man in

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