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Islamabad: Health experts have revealed that nearly one lakh children in Pakistan are suffering from type 1 diabetes who will need insulin throughout their lives to live a healthy life.

In a media briefing in Islamabad on Saturday, senior endocrinologists and health experts said that unfortunately, most of the children suffering from diabetes are not diagnosed in time due to lack of information among parents and doctors.

He said that sudden weight loss, frequent urination and mood swings in children with severe hunger are some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. If these symptoms appear, parents should take their children to competent and qualified doctors and ask them to check their sugar.

Experts said that among the nearly one lakh children suffering from type 1 diabetes in Pakistan, there are many who are not diagnosed on time and die in the early days of the disease.

Professor Abdul Basit, a diabetes specialist and head of Changing Diabetes in Children, said that the aim of the organization is to reach 3000 children across the country whose parents cannot buy insulin and provide them with free insulin for a healthy life.

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