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Awareness of the basic principles of good growth is essential.  Photo: File

Awareness of the basic principles of good growth is essential. Photo: File

A healthy life is a great blessing, and it is also a great trust. When this matter is related to the health of children, its importance increases even more, because the matters of health, nutrition, development of children are completely dependent on their parents.

Therefore, it is important for parents to get complete and correct guidance on basic health principles along with nutrition so that they can fulfill this responsibility in the best way and play their role in creating a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy society for the future. can pay A list and brief description of the basic principles of hygiene are given below.

Breast milk, a complete food

From birth to six months of age, mother’s milk is essential for the complete physical and mental development of the child, during which no other food, not even water, is required.

Research and experiments have shown that babies who are breastfed live a healthier life, as breast milk provides the nutritional needs and protects them from many types of germs, infections and diseases. . While children who are fed outside open milk or formula feed are more prone to allergies, ear infections, motion sickness, chest infections.

Initiation of soft and solid foods

After six months of age, it is important to start soft foods with milk, before starting, look for signs that the baby is ready for soft foods or not. This includes the baby not being full and crying frequently because of hunger, opening its mouth and reaching out when people around are eating.

To give solid food to children, start by feeding rice pudding, sago grain, boiled potatoes. As long as the baby’s taste is adjusted accordingly and is able to digest properly, then other things should be added.

According to this calculation, an estimated nutritional requirement of a child in six to nine months is 70% from breast milk and 30% from soft food and from nine to twelve months 50% from breast milk and 50% from soft food and from one At the age of two years, 75% of home-cooked whole foods and 25% of mother’s milk should be met.

Junk foods

Junk food, all types of market food, packaged foods, especially children have negative changes in metabolism. Because it contains harmful fats, artificial sweeteners and other harmful ingredients.

Their use not only increases the weight of children beyond their age, but also causes lethargy, mental weakness and other diseases. Therefore, try as much as possible to keep children away from these things at a growing age.

Use of immunizations

Complete a course of immunizations in children from birth to 15 months of age. It can protect children from various life-threatening diseases, and helps children develop immunity against these diseases. However, in case of any problem or illness, or in case of reaction from any vaccine, it is necessary to seek help from your nearest doctor immediately.

Child development by age

Children have developmental milestones depending on their age. These include their ability to walk, walk, talk, and perform skilled tasks as they age. Accordingly, if the child lags behind other children of his age, or does not start sitting or talking by a certain age, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician in time and undergo an examination.

The idea of ​​cleaning children

Keeping children clean plays an important role in protecting them from many germs and viruses. When the child starts walking on the stomach or ankles, make sure that the floor is completely clean. Along with this, it is important to keep the child’s bed clean, change clothes daily, bathe, and keep the room clean.

When the children are a little older, it is also important to train them to take care of physical cleanliness and health. Make it a habit to wash your hands after entering the house, before eating, after leaving the toilet. Accumulation of garbage inside the house should be avoided but it should be removed regularly. If the house is ventilated and there is sunlight, it also has very good effects on health.

Child’s mental and emotional health

Along with the physical health of the child, it is also very important to take care that he leads a healthy life mentally and emotionally. It is important to keep talking to children, keep a friendly attitude, avoid fights at home. Talk to them from time to time about their problems, issues and friends. It should be remembered that the mutual quarrels of parents have a severe effect on children.

Treating children with discrimination or making them feel inferior, ridicule, distorts their personality. Such children have a fragmented personality even when they grow up.

Timely guidance from the doctor

It is very important to seek timely guidance from a doctor in case of any kind of problem, illness, confusion. Self-medication can be harmful, and unnecessary medication can lead to more adverse health effects. These are some of the basic things that are important to know, understand and implement in a timely manner for the development of children and thus you can play a better role in all aspects of your child’s development.

(Dr. Huda Zaheer, serving at Civil Hospital Sukkur. She is a member of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA))

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