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London: If you want to stay mentally healthy, then make fishing a hobby, say researchers.

Researchers have drawn this conclusion from a study in which more than seventeen hundred men participated.

To examine the effects of fishing on men’s mental health, this study (research study) was jointly conducted by researchers from England’s Anglia Ruskin University, Ulster University and Queen’s University.

During the study, 1,752 men were asked questions about whether they went fishing and other topics such as any past mental illness, exercise and health.

Research study participants who said they went fishing regularly had a 17 percent lower rate of developing a mental or psychiatric illness than those who did not fish regularly.

A study published in a scientific journal a few weeks ago found that the more people go fishing, the better their mental health.

Dr. Mike Trott, from the Center for Health Research at the University of Queensland, who was part of the study, says that although it is recognized that positive activities have positive effects on mental and physical health, this study It has been found that people who go fishing more often are mentally healthier than others.

Dr. Mike Trott said that these people are less likely to suffer from depression, mental disorder and other mental illnesses or negative conditions and they do not even have suicidal thoughts.

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