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So far, reported cases of allergic cold, cough, viral cases have not been identified.  Photo: File

So far, reported cases of allergic cold, cough, viral cases have not been identified. Photo: File

Karachi: Get flu vaccine to prevent urban seasonal fever, cases of seasonal fever, allergy cold, cough and pneumonia have doubled in hospitals than usual, while pneumonia is affecting children and elderly people more.

These views were expressed by medical experts while talking to Express on Tuesday, due to climate change and environmental pollution, the cases of seasonal fever, cold, cough and pneumonia are increasing in Karachi. A week ago, 10 to 20 patients with cold, cough and pneumonia were coming to the hospital’s OPD, but now this number has reached 40 to 50.

Dr. Faisal Javed, general physician of Jinnah Hospital Karachi, told Express that 100 patients are checked up daily in the medicine OPD of Jinnah Hospital. were coming to the hospital, now 50 cases are being reported daily, most of these patients are also suffering from seasonal fever, all these cases are being reported for allergies.

Initially, when the patient comes to the hospital with these symptoms, we treat it as allergic flu, but even if the affected person does not improve, then we recommend a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis. It is possible that this is not a virus infection, but let us clarify that cases of allergic colds and coughs are being reported, but no viral cases have been identified. Most of the citizens start using antibiotics at home. Due to which the situation worsens, citizens should avoid adopting home remedies and must consult doctors.

Dr Umar Sultan, assistant professor at Jinnah Hospital Karachi, said that as the monsoon season has ended and air pollution has increased, school-going children and elderly people are more affected by colds, coughs and pneumonia. The condition of the patients coming to the hospital is not very serious, but the number of cases is increasing significantly. The cases of cold, cough and pneumonia have almost doubled in the hospital compared to the usual. For those who have or have weak lungs, doctors recommend getting the flu vaccine, including the H. influenzae vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine.

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