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Michigan: A new poll has found that a majority of older people believe that music is more than just entertainment for them.

According to new results of a poll conducted by the University of Michigan on healthy aging, 75 percent of people between the ages of 50 and 80 say that music relieves them from stress, compared to 65 percent of people who say Music helps improve their mental health or mood.

60 people said that listening to music makes them feel energized.

Additionally, 41 percent said that music is very important to them, while 48 percent rated music as only slightly important in their lives.

Professor Joel Howell, who worked with the pool team, said music has the power to make life meaningful and enjoyable. It is woven into the basic fabric of human existence.

He said that music has a noticeable effect on many health problems.

Researchers know that music is associated with positive effects on measures of blood pressure and depression, he said.

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