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Switzerland: In an animal experiment, researchers have been able to restore physical movement in mice immobilized by an affected spinal cord through genetic therapy.

According to media reports, the researchers found in the experiment that mice that were unable to walk partially due to spinal cord injuries were able to walk again with the help of genetic therapy.

The researchers said this was possible because the new gene therapy not only used techniques to repair spinal cord tissue, but performed the repair in a way that also restored movement in the body. .

Mark Anderson, director of central nervous system regeneration and senior researcher at the Swiss research and treatment center NeuroRestore, said: “Five years ago we demonstrated that spinal cord injury disrupts signals, but In such a situation nerve fibers can be regenerated and today it is possible.

“We also found that gene therapy is not sufficient to fully restore motor function in the affected spinal cord because new fibers fail to connect to the correct sites at the other end of the lesion,” Anderson said in the news release. . The desired results of this therapy are possible only when the spinal cord is partially affected

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