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It is important to have information about skin allergies so that common skin rashes and allergies can be easily determined.

Allergies result from exposure to allergens (allergen-causing substances). For example, a food that you are allergic to can cause many symptoms. You may experience tingling or itching in your mouth and throat.

There are different types of skin allergies with more or less different symptoms:

1) spots: Burning, redness or swelling and pain or itching in different parts of the skin

2) Eczema: The spots on the skin become swollen, which may itch and bleed

3) Inflammation: Red, itchy patches of skin develop immediately after contact with the allergen

4) Sore throat: From allergies A burning or swelling sensation in the neck or throat

5) Swollen eyes: Eyes may become watery or itchy, causing them to swell

6) Itchy: Burning or inflammation of the skin and severe painful sensations. Itching is one of the most common symptoms of skin allergies.

Common types of allergens:

Animal products: These include pet dander, insect waste, and litter bags.

Medicines: Penicillin and sulfa drugs are common triggers

Food items: Wheat, tree nuts, milk, shellfish and eggs are common allergens

Insect stings: These include bees, wasps and mosquitoes

Fungus: Mold or airborne fungi can trigger allergic reactions

Specific plants: Grass, herb and tree pollens, as well as secretions from plants such as poison ivy and poison oak, are common causes of plant allergies.

Other allergens: Latex gloves, condoms and metals such as nickel are also common allergens

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