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In Karachi, the number of people affected by viral eye infection is increasing abnormally.  Photo: File

In Karachi, the number of people affected by viral eye infection is increasing abnormally. Photo: File

Karachi: An epidemic of conjunctivitis and infection has broken out in the country’s largest city. It causes eye pain and severe irritation.

Experts have termed it as a virus attack that is targeting the eyes. Dozens of patients who are suffering from this condition are being brought to the private and government hospitals of the city every day. In this disease, the eyes become red and pain increases. People of all ages and classes are equally affected by it.

50 eye infection patients are being brought to a large government Jinnah Hospital in Karachi every day, including children, adults and the elderly alike.

Prominent Ophthalmologist Dr. Muhammad Mueezuddin told Xrays that even healthy people are rapidly falling victim to this virus due to the use of infected person’s eye fluid, infected towel and thus the disease is spreading at lightning speed. This infection persists for 8 to 10 days. It causes pain, redness and stinging in the eyes. This is the reason why doctors have advised the affected people to keep their personal items, especially towels, pillows and sheets, etc. completely separate. Along with this, they have also been advised for complete cleaning.

Doctors have said that keeping the eyes clean and instilling drops prescribed by the physician can lead to vision loss. Applying cold water to the eyes can provide temporary relief. Above all, cleanliness and isolation are very important as this is a contagious disease that spreads very quickly from person to person.

Dr. Rabia Chaudhry, another ophthalmologist at Jinnah Hospital, said that in addition to redness, irritation and irritation in the eyes, blisters are also forming near the ears. Such patients are also complaining of some impairment in vision. Then the cornea is also affected in these patients, which recovers after being affected for two to three weeks. However, the whites of the eyes improve a little sooner.

They have also considered providing special attention to children suffering from eye infections.

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