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Stockholm: Experts warn that taking vitamin C and E tablets can cause lung cancer to grow and spread.

According to Swedish scientists, those people who are suffering from any type of cancer should avoid any change in their diet.

According to researchers, taking supplements in addition to a healthy diet rich in vitamins C and E can cause cancer to spread.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, scientists gave mice with cancer extra vitamins that they were already getting in their diet.

The researchers found that the higher the vitamin intake in the mice, the more new blood vessels were formed in the cancerous tumors, which could potentially cause the disease to grow and spread.

“Many people today who eat a healthy diet, take some supplements and then maybe drink a smoothie,” said study author Dr. Martin Burgo of the Karolinska Institute. If all of these are taken as food, your vitamin intake is about what research suggests.

Dr. Martin said that vitamins are very important for human health. If you remove all the antioxidants from your diet, you can get sick for a number of reasons, such as vitamin deficiency, and it affects cancer.

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