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A Kashmiri doctor in America has discovered an easy way to treat a dangerous disease.  Photo: File

A Kashmiri doctor in America has discovered an easy way to treat a dangerous disease. Photo: File

You must have come across a video on social or electronic media that shows a person sitting and talking to friends.

Suddenly he put his hand on his chest and rolled to one side. People rush to see him. Usually, such a person dies soon and does not even need to be taken to a hospital.

The people who watch this video are surprised and think that the deceased was healthy in appearance, then why did death suddenly overtake him? The reason for his death may be a medical disorder that Pakistanis do not know much about. Know. This medical disorder is called “pulmonary embolism”.

In Pakistan, the data is not available as to how many men and women are affected by this medical disorder every year, but in the United States, one million people suffer from it every year. One lakh of them die due to lack of timely treatment of medical disorders. Pulmonary embolism is the third leading cause of death among cardiovascular diseases in the United States, after heart attack and stroke.

Treatment of pulmonary embolism is very complex and difficult. That is why thousands of its victims die during treatment.

Last year, a Kashmiri-American physician, Dr. Riyaz Basheer, gained fame and respect across America by discovering a simple treatment for pulmonary embolism. With the devices he invented, it became possible to save the precious lives of millions of people in the United States and other countries who were on the brink of death due to pulmonary embolism.

Saving a human life is a great blessing that only lucky doctors get. What is the invention of Dr. Riyaz Bashir, before knowing what pulmonary embolism is called.

Understand clinical disorders

Pulmonary embolism affects the following men and women:

* Those who do not move for many hours while traveling by motorcycle, car, bus, train or plane. This condition can also occur after surgery. *Those who have fractured or injured their legs or arms *Use birth control pills or take hormone replacement therapy *Smoking cigarettes *Obese due to weight gain *Pregnant women or have given birth in the last six weeks * Use of catheter in arm or leg.

What happens is that due to any of the above situations, especially in a vein (vessel) of the leg or arm, the flowing blood gets clotted. It means that a blood clot is born somewhere in the vein. Often, this blood clot travels with the blood to the pulmonary arteries. This condition is then called “pulmonary embolism”.

Our “Cardiovascular System”

It should be remembered that the blood circulates in our body and absorbs carbon dioxide gas, which is produced due to the activity of the cells. The blood also supplies oxygen gas to the same cells that it takes from the lungs. However, when the blood returns to the heart after going around the body, it contains less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. Therefore, the heart sends this dirty blood to the lungs so that it can not only get oxygen but also clean it from carbon dioxide. The arteries of the lungs carry the dirty blood there while their veins carry the oxygenated blood to the heart.

This blood purification system with the cooperation of heart and lungs is called “Pulmonary circulation”. It is a sub-part of the circulatory system in the human body. Due to the close relationship between the heart and the lungs in blood circulation, pulmonary embolism, a blood clot, especially in the lungs. I get very dangerous.

What is the cause of death?

The reason is that the blood flow in the lungs is obstructed due to the clot. Then the heart has to work harder to clear the blockage. When the heart continues to beat rapidly, it naturally begins to weaken. If the blood clot remains in place, sometimes the heart stops due to exhaustion. Then the person has a heart attack.

If this attack is strong, the person dies soon. And the viewers are shocked. They do not understand how their seemingly healthy loved one suddenly died. Only after a medical examination, it is revealed that the cause of death was a blood clot in the pulmonary artery. That is why it is very important to treat this disease in time otherwise it can prove to be fatal.

Dr Riaz in action

Dr Riaz Bashir was born in Srinagar, Occupied Kashmir. He was very young when his parents left the slavery of the Indian ruling class and came to America. He studied medicine there and made cardiology his specialty. He has long been associated with Temple University Hospital, a hospital in the city of Philadelphia, as a cardiologist. He is also a professor of medicine at Temple University School of Medicine, an educational institution located in the same city.

As mentioned, pulmonary embolism is difficult to treat. The reason is that if a blood clot gets stuck in the lung, open heart surgery is required to remove it, which is a long, expensive and difficult operation. This is why, every year, many men die of pulmonary embolism in the world because they cannot be treated effectively. Catheter therapy has been introduced over the past decade but has not proved to be very effective.

Seeing the above obstacles in the treatment of pulmonary embolism, Dr. Riyaz Bashir decided to use his experience to invent such catheters that would make the operation of pulmonary embolism easier. When he told his fellow doctors about his plan, they started making fun of him. Doctors were sure that Riaz Bashir would never be able to complete his invention.

Dr. Riaz’s intention was clear. He wanted to make this catheter to serve humanity, not financial gain. That is why the Supreme Lord also showed mercy on his servant. Gradually, he found companions along the way who provided capital for research and experiments. The American federal government and the state of Pennsylvania also awarded Dr. Sahib with five million dollars in aid. The invention was finally completed last year after a long struggle of five years and an expenditure of one million and seventy million dollars.

The invention supervised by Dr. Riyaz Bashir was named after him as “BASHIR™ Endovascular Catheter”. In April 2023, the US government agency, the FDA, approved the use of the ‘Bashir Endovascular Catheter’ to remove blood clots from the lungs and legs of humans. Today, not only in America, surgeons all over the world are successfully using this easy-to-use invention of a Kashmiri doctor to remove blood clots. All these surgeons praise Dr Riaz and describe him as a humane physician. There are seven types of ‘Basheer Endovascular Catheter’. Five legs and two lungs are used to remove clots.

The catheter invented by Dr. Sahib has small beads and fine wires in its initial part. When this catheter is inserted into the patient’s body through a crack in the shoulder, its wires are closed. It is then delivered with the help of a small camera into the relevant artery where the blood clot has blocked the blood flow. At this point, the wires of the catheter inflate like a balloon. Thus the artery also expands. In this way the blood flows easily. At the same time, a drug is injected into the clot through the catheter to dissolve it.

It is a relatively easy and less expensive operation compared to open heart surgery. Therefore, if the first blood clot is not removed, the second operation is also done soon. The patient bleeds minimally. Also sometimes it doesn’t even have to be anesthetized, just the relevant part is auscultated. Since the Bashir Endovascular Catheter has made it very easy to get rid of blood clots in the human body, it is becoming very popular among both doctors and patients. Patients pray to Dr. Riaz for healing. Thus he attained heaven while living in this world.

Symptoms of pulmonary embolism

The initial symptom of this disease is difficulty in breathing. Also there is pain in the chest. This pain can also spread to the shoulder, arm, neck and jaw. If the intensity increases, coughing starts, which can also be bloody. The skin turns yellow. Heart beats fast. Sweat profusely. Sometimes there is anxiety and panic.

Exercise regularly to avoid this disease. If you can’t walk, shake your arms, legs and feet for a few minutes every hour. If you have to sit for a long time, wear stockings to keep blood flow normal. Pour water. Avoid caffeine.

Stay away from cigarettes. Do not sit cross-legged. Do not wear tight clothing. If you are fat, lose weight. If you have developed a blood clot in your legs, arms or any other part of your body, consult your doctor about preventive measures.

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