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Movies and TV shows are fun and rewarding to watch. They often contain valuable tips for different situations that you can use in real life. For example, how to maintain a perm or how not to damage a chef’s knife.

How not to cry while chopping onions.

In Help, Emma Stone’s character learns how to chop an onion without shedding tears. She should keep it A match that never burns in her mouth. Surprisingly, it is works Like a charm. The reason is that the match ends absorb Sulfur compounds released from onion when chopped. These are the chemicals that make us cry.

How to give new life to an old garment.

From Bree van de Kamp Desperate Housewives She taught me how to quickly turn a dull outfit into a stunning one. She simply is Put it back, and the back cutout becomes a beautiful neckline. Within a minute, Bree was wearing a new dress that she had the rest of the time to change into.

How to determine your shoe size without additional devices.

In the movie beautiful girl, Julia Roberts’ character reveals to her boyfriend how to buy shoes without trying them on. She says The length of her foot is equal to the distance between her wrist and elbow.

Interestingly, this was also the case Comment By Leonardo da Vinci. He wrote in his notebooks: “The full length of the legs is between the elbow and the wrist”. However, this is just it true for average human proportions, and this does not account for individual differences.

How to maintain a perm.

From Elle Woods Legally blonde (2001) used his knowledge of self-care to break the case. But this information is useful for all of us. Elle said After obtaining permission, the court, Do not wet your hair for at least 24 hours, or we will destroy the result of the procedure. This is Advice Actually given to everyone who gets a perm.

How to start a fire without a lighter or match.

It is not easy to start a fire without any tools. It could take hours for someone who only knows the theory. Tom Hanks’ character in the film throw away (2000) learned this the hard way. He split A piece of wood, some dry grass was put into the crack and rubbed with another stick. He kept trying until he saw some smoke, then he blew it slowly.

How to keep your house in order.

From Monica Keller Friends Obsessed with cleanliness. She has a secret system In order to sort out her pieces. Yes, you heard it right. she Label some of them for different household purposes and others for guests. Her friends discovered that she has 11 pieces for every occasion.

How to Eat Spaghetti Elegantly

In the movie Brooklyn (2015), the protagonist wanted to master the art of eating boisterous. She spun the pasta on a fork, using a spoon as support. This way, she avoided dropping the noodles back onto the plate or onto her clothes and splattering the sauce everywhere.

How to save time at the airport.

George Clooney’s character Up in the air (2009) is a frequent traveler who knows a few tips to speed up his journey. One of them selection Right line at the check-in desk. He avoids families with children because they take longer to handle their luggage and strollers than solo travelers..

How to make time run faster.

In the movie Refund, a cashier at a clothing store does a trick to shorten her workday. she She covered the watch face with tape. She thinks time slows down when you look at your watch.

How to keep knives sharp

Chef in the animated movie Ratatouille Slides Cut vegetables from cutting board to pot with back of knife. In this way, he preserves the sharpness of the knife for a long time.

The internet is full of amazing life hacks that make our lives easier. Some have simple but effective ideas, which can be seen in this article.

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