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Life is a prankster, isn’t it? It likes to serve up irony when we least expect it, making us blush and laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all. In this collection of stories, we’re going to be immersed in these moments where people are caught in paradoxical situations that turn them all shades of red.

“A fade was asked for and received.”

  • I got fired because the guy who was supposed to be covering for me got fired while I was on vacation. © -eDgAR- / Reddit

  • When I was 11 years old, I stepped in dog poop in my backyard. As I was running to the tap to wash my feet, a bird pecked at my head. I started to cry when I reached the tube and then felt pain all over my dirty leg. I entered a fire ant colony. Then I had to clean up and dress for my grandfather’s funeral. © inward_privilege / Reddit

“Last week we took my 1.5 year old Saint Bernard for a standard spay and preventive gastropexy (stomach stapler). Everything was fine until yesterday when we noticed significant swelling in her abdomen. She took her to the emergency vet immediately.
A drain was installed to drain the accumulated liquid. The vet took an x-ray to make sure the drain was in the right place and discovered this! My girl is expected to make a good recovery. I made a very serious phone call to the vet who did the original surgery about getting reimbursed for this…”

  • I was tired and distracted at work. My boss is bringing in a new colleague. “This is Medium Panda, this is the new boy Jack.” I get up and spray coffee all over the guy – I forgot I had a cup in my right hand when I tried to shake his hand. © TheMediumPanda / Reddit

  • My wife and I were shopping for groceries. I got out of the car and started walking towards the shop. She came around the car and started walking near me. I took a step closer to her and held her hand. It took me 5 strokes before I realized her hand was funny. I looked at her and she wasn’t there.
    I was holding the hand of another man I had never seen in my life. It was clear that he didn’t know what to make of this and neither did I. I said, “Excuse me,” let go of his hand, and walked slowly so he was in front of me. It was late at night and there was only one left until opening. We waited in line together. © aardvarkious / Reddit

“I pose with my sister’s car a day later”

  • If you ever feel embarrassed, I once asked a girl in her engagement photo, “You and your dad look great!” Remember that said. But it was her new fiance. © shayadzohair / Twitter

  • The wife and I met her friend for lunch one day – I bent down to give her friend’s baby a peck on the cheek, but didn’t see her breastfeeding until it was too late. It was not her child that I kissed. ©kippaxireland / Twitter

  • I was at the grocery store on my fiance’s cell phone and she wouldn’t talk. She would say I love you more and then I would say, no, I love you more. Finally hung up the phone and went to check, the guy handed me my change and said “thank you” and I said “I love you”. Never went back. © rainpawsitive / Twitter

  • I went to find a toilet in a cafe. It was strange how far away from the seat it seemed. Found it and thought it was strange that it had toothbrushes in it. It turned out that I was in someone’s house. © RoisinRants / Twitter

“It finally happened to me.”

  • My wife says she once ate pizza at a friend’s house and, unusually, threw the dog’s crust on the floor. Those friends don’t have a dog. © Catsrecliner1 / Reddit

  • I started unzipping and unzipping my pants as I walked towards the toilet, just like I do at home, because I’m good at it. Except I was at work, walking through the shared office. © LadyGruntfuttock / Reddit

  • I got out of the car and went to sip an iced coffee. Unfortunately, I put the end of my car key in my mouth instead. © Ren_13 / Reddit

We’ve all had those scary moments when we’ve done something really embarrassing. The good news is that you can laugh about it later and handle it with a little irony.

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