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On the Internet, you can find many tips on how to do it Make your kitchen more spacious. But most of them involve expensive renovation work including replacing floors, demolishing walls, buying new appliances and other expensive items. We decided to find out if it is possible to visually enlarge the kitchen without investing a lot of money. It turns out that it is possible.

Stack decorative items on top of shelves.

Vertical lines on walls or furniture Help Make the room more spacious. But if you don’t have the money (or desire) to replace or paint the furniture, you can use a little trick. By placing baskets, bottles, and beautiful dishes on top of the cabinets, you will draw attention to the upper part of the room and achieve the same effect. The main thing is that these decorations should match the style of your interior.

Hang a mirror.

Reflective surfaces to do A room feels more spacious. We often use this trick in the bedroom or living room, but not so often in the kitchen. You can cover the splashback with reflective film, but it’s easier to hang a mirror on one of the walls. The key is to keep it away from the hob and sink.

Replace chairs with stools.

Our eyes are automatic Stop on any vertical surfaces. If dark chairs with high backs are placed around the table, the room immediately seems smaller. To get rid of this feeling, you can replace chairs with backless stools or chairs with transparent plastic backs.

Update your tiles.

Horizontal stripes in visually soft light colors will expand Space. To achieve this effect, it is not necessary to remove the old dark tiles and replace them with new ones. You simply can Paint they.

Epoxy, enamel, and special water-resistant paints work best for tiles. It is worth taking into account that you need to prepare the tiles for painting and that the paint may crack over time. But it is still easier and cheaper than replacing old tiles with new ones.

Paint your kitchen in the right colors.

If fully internal done With the same color scheme (preferably light), the room will look bigger. Therefore, it is better to stay away from bright or contrasting furniture. If you are not ready to buy new furniture, you can repaint the old one.

By the way, there can be the illusion of a large space and high ceilings was created By painting furniture in 2 shades. Use darker colors on base units and lighter colors on upper cabinets.

Choose the right paintings and rugs.

Low ceilings may be a problem resolved with vertical lines. You don’t have to cover the walls with striped wallpaper, take some decorative elements such as photos, paintings, curtains that create a similar illusion. The same trick can be pulled by placing striped rugs on the floor.

Lights should be as close to the ceiling as possible.

Lights can be used for vision Zoom in Or downsize your kitchen. Ideally, the lamps should be located as close to the ceiling as possible, otherwise they will “divide” the space and overload it. That’s why you need to get rid of massive lamps and chandeliers.

By the way, there is no need to limit yourself to one source of light. The more lighting in the kitchen, the better.

Choose an open shelf.

experts Advice Replacing some cabinets with open shelves to visually enlarge the kitchen. But for starters, you can choose a less extreme option and simply remove the doors from the boxes. If you don’t like the result, you can always mount the doors back in place.

Unfortunately, neither option works for cluttered boxes. A feeling of free space appears only when there is a minimum of items on the shelves.

To do the kitchen see Large, bright knobs on doors and drawers can be replaced with smaller and more neutral ones. Or remove them entirely by installing special magnetic latches.

Remove heavy curtains.

Natural light does Any room will be very spacious. Although it is not possible to enlarge the window, you can remove any obstacles that prevent sunlight from entering the room. If you’re fine with your windows without screens, remove them entirely. If this is not your choice, hang light-transmitting or light-colored blinds, which will allow light to pass through but not be showy.

By the way, here are some tricks to make your interior unique.

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