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It is not easy to know everything; Sometimes, we discover things that we cannot understand. Fortunately, there are people on the Internet who can help us figure things out quickly. Here are some mysterious inventions that will totally shock you once you discover their true purpose.

1. “Six numbered wooden cubes in a very old cardboard box”

Answer: This is the old puzzle called Octo-Mania.

2. “I found this odd piece of cutlery in my new flat.”

Answer: They are clay modeling tools or cake decorating tools.

3. “What are these blue reflective markers for? They face the field.

Answer: They reflect the headlights of cars onto the fields so that animals avoid crossing the road.

4. “Found at my house after a 4th of July party. The black part is plastic and has a detachable metal cap.

Answer: It is the base of the handle for a kind of metal utensil. I have a set that includes a spatula, ladle, spoon, ice cream scoop, and pizza cutter, all of which have started to fall off their bases over time.

5. “What is this thing? Very new looking metal tool. I would like to know what it is used for.

Answer: This is a holder for a sugar cone.

6. “Metal object, carabiner attached, appeared in my backyard, left by landscapers or pool guy.”

Answer: This is for opening your pool pump lid. I actually used it and used it to sell pool items.

7. “Thumb protector, maybe, but for what? Got it at a yard sale.”

Answer: This is an antique butcher shop thumb guard.

8. “I found this where taxis usually stop outside the railway station. The small circle above is a magnet.

Answer: This is a ball marker for golfing. 2 prongs go into the ground to raise the green where your golf ball made its initial dent. Magnetic coin (missing yours), so you can mark your golf ball on the green so others can putt without your ball.

9. “Found on the dashboard of an old GMC. A lucite-like material, with ridges.”

Answer: This is a traffic light watcher. The traffic lights of the day were installed on the same side you parked on, which sometimes made it difficult to see the light if you were first in line. This helped reflect light from above, so you could tell when the light changed.

10. “My friend found these weird little plastic things while cleaning up the beaches in Maine. We don’t know what they are.

Answer: These are fish filters.

11. “What are these metal curved decorative rods?”

12. “A 4 m high funnel with 3 outlets near a playground in Germany.”

Answer: This is a 3-way basketball hoop. You can score but you never know who will bowl next. Kids love it.

13. “The text says it could be a bag, but I can’t make it work as a bag because there are so many holes that make everything fall out.”

Answer: This is a suitcase cover.

14. “What is this silver metal with a short bridge and a spoon-like end?”

Answer: Ear cleaners, use them to rub wax. These are more common in eastern countries.

15. “It is a steel wire frame with 2 glass marbles. It was found in an old garage with various items. Marbles can be turned inside the frame.

Answer: This is a razor blade sharpener.

16. “What are these things in the straps of my rucksack for?”

Answer: It is used to draw and walk more relaxed/comfortably when you inhale your thumb.

17. “The small door/closet next to our side door leads to the basement. The house was built in the late 1940s.

Answer: When the milk was distributed, it was put there.

18. “It is hard and plastic. what is that?!”

Answer: ”Well, it was a drinking cup or plug that melted in a dishwasher.

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