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Kerstin Tristan, 56, has tattoos all over her body. But to get to this point, she had to spend all of her life savings – an incredible amount of money.

Meet Kerstin Tristan. She is 56 years old, a mother and grandmother. But the first thing that strikes us when we see her is that she has tattoos all over her body. What she went through to achieve that was incredible.

It’s funny, but Kerstin said she hated tattoos at first. Everything changed after getting one in 2015. Now, with tattoos of flowers, birds and other animals, she is a joy to look at. “I wanted to try something new. We all live only once, and at my age, I thought something real should come along,” he said. said.

Since 2015, she spent More than 30,000 euros for her body art but, luckily for her, her efforts paid off. He now has over 190,000 followers Instagram And more than a million people watch his videos TikTok.

Overly tattooed or not, the truth is that we are free to choose how we present ourselves to people. And Kerstin wasn’t the only one who chose to get tattoos on her body. In fact, a lot of celebrities decide to get ink on their skin – but sometimes they hide them with clothes or make-up.

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