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Menstruation is a natural and normal process that affects half of the world’s population, yet it is still considered a taboo topic in many cultures and contexts. A woman on reddit recently Published a story She asked if it was normal to keep her menstrual pads visible in the bathroom. This question sparked a lively discussion among women and men who shared their opinions, experiences and advice on this important issue.

So here is what she wrote, “My husband, his friend and I are currently on vacation, sharing a rented apartment with only one bathroom. Yesterday, I got my period and bought some pads. I left them in a semi-sheer bag on the bathroom counter where they weren’t even visible.

“However, my husband thought it was inappropriate and might make his friend uncomfortable knowing that someone in the apartment was bleeding. I argued that menstruation is a natural process and should not be considered gross or dirty. Women should not be shamed or stigmatized by it, as it has historically victimized women. .

My husband didn’t respond, but I’m still wondering if I was wrong to leave the pads this way.

Since all the answers came from women, her husband believed it was unfair, so the woman then asked the men to give their opinions as well.

The men were not shy and spoke about their views:

  • A 30-year-old man can see feminine objects without batting an eye. Almost every boy grew up with a mother. She was bleeding. That’s life. I have a 13 year old son and I can’t imagine him freaking out over my wife or his sister’s pads/tampons. kev92685 / Reddit
  • Here is the boy. There was a wife. Now has a husband. We have a teenage daughter. Your husband needs to grow up. We work hard to make sure our daughter understands that menstruation is normal and natural. No one needs your husband’s excessive and outdated attitude. Curious-One4595 / Reddit
  • Here is another man. Sanitary products are no different than toothbrushes or shaving cream. Michael_Ntxide / Reddit
  • Man checks in. What is he saying? If you are like that…I don’t even know the words. Sensitive? Pathetic?…You can’t handle looking at a normal sanitary product, you’re not really ready to be in a normal human relationship. TheDisapprovingBrit / Reddit

Menstruation is a completely normal process, as this runner proved when she decided to bleed freely during a marathon.

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