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Elizabeth Hurley’s husband, multimillionaire Steve Bing, insisted on taking it. DNA testing Before admitting that he is Damian Hurley’s father. Elizabeth Hurley had to raise their son alone, and despite this bitter parenting dispute with Damian’s dad, she was a very loving mom. Now, her son is grown up and he openly talks about his gratitude to his mother, the most beloved woman in his life.

Elizabeth had to face many challenges as a mother.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley, 58, gave birth to her only son during a very short relationship with Steve Pink. It happened right after she broke up with Hugh Grant 2000. Damian was born in 2002, but his father refused to confirm his paternity, saying he and Elizabeth were in a non-exclusive relationship.

Later, a DNA test proved that Steve was Damien’s father. However, the Millionaire Hasn’t become a part of Damian’s life. The two never even met. Bing died in 2020 and cut Damien and his other daughter against her will, claiming that both children were born out of wedlock while their grandfather claimed the inheritance.

Mother and son now have an incredible bond.

Now Damian Hurley is all grown up. The young man is superior appreciates Her mom, Elizabeth, said she filled the role of “800 parents at once.” Damian revealed that they are very close, like “siblings”.

Damien is a filmmaker and a model, and says he doesn’t feel like he’s lost anything growing up with a single mother.

Damian is proud to follow in his mom’s footsteps.

Damian Hurley worked through modeling Company Des Management In 2018. He went to the £37,000-a-year Wellington College in Berkshire.

“A lot of people criticize sending their kids so young, but he loved it. He loved his school, had great friends, and it was a great adventure for him,” Elizabeth said of her decision to send him there.

Damian is now following his famous mom, directing a thriller and trying to break into Hollywood in his first role behind the camera. Strictly confidential.

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