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Christy Wertz, 48, of Ohio, is a woman who has been getting a lot of people talking lately. She did what not every woman does and adopted her husband’s ex-wife’s son. The motivation for such a gesture is love and personal experience of Christie’s childhood.

Christy didn’t hesitate to adopt when the time was right.

Christy Wertz, 48, met Her husband Wesley, 5 years ago. The spouses combined their two families, including Christy’s children Megan and Vance and Wesley’s children Austin and Dakota.

One day, they got a sad news. Wesley’s ex-wife and Austin and Dakota’s mother is dead. The couple immediately made a big decision and welcomed newborn baby Levi into their loving family.

Now, mom has finalized the legal adoption of Levi in ​​January 2023. Now she is raising him on her own.

She says, “When I heard about Levi, without hesitation, I said we have to take him.”

Christy had a rough childhood, and Levi didn’t like it either.

Christy expresses, “I was a foster child myself, and for the most part, I didn’t want him to go into foster care, even though I had a great experience. My husband didn’t really talk to the biological mother’s family very often, but he had Levi on a Monday and passed away that Friday.

She adds, “We lived in another state at the time, so we sold our house in Ohio and rented a house in Texas because we had to officially put him up for adoption. So we did—the process took 16 months.”

she explained, “Even though my experience may have been in foster care overall, I know I love my foster children enough to make sure they stay with their half-siblings. I don’t want Levi to end up in the foster care system.

“I love children and bond very quickly with my adopted children. I also fell in love with my bio children at first sight. It was weird – I was going to walk into a child I had never met and I was worried that circumstances would get in the way of this ‘instant love. But he stole my heart. Him. I also felt this strong need to protect,” says the foster mother.

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