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In the world of TikTok, there’s a Texan husband who doesn’t take any crap from the naysayers. They are accusing Maa in it because his wife has a divine appearance. But let me set the record straight for you: Scott, the Texan gent, and Devine, the Filipino, crossed paths in 2017. It all started with a random Facebook message, and you see, the divine mistook him for someone else.

Scott Agrees Before he met the divine, his life was very boring.

A Facebook connection led to a long-distance romance that culminated in marriage when Divine moved to America. They maintained an online relationship for four years with Scott’s arrival Six method.

Scott fought back Scleroderma From age 13, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the skin and body. The disease led to a life at home, causing him to miss out on high school and college experiences.

At 22, Scott was eager to embrace a more normal life despite his health challenges. Despite doctors’ doubts due to low oxygen levels, meeting the divine fueled his desire to travel. He went to the Philippines six times and proved them wrong. Scott’s family certifies Divinity brought happiness and hope in his life and made him happy.

Despite the online backlash, they have a devoted following.

In 2021, they launched their joint TikTok, but doubt Lasting. The Wrong thoughts: Green card is only due to ambition and wealth. They are laughter In it, knowing that their journey is far from such objectives.

Insensate comments abounded with one Recommends“When you’re at work, I doubt she’s loyal to you,” said another, “This girl is taking advantage of him and resenting him. The sad thing is, he doesn’t realize it.

They recently shared a Tiktok video with a comment saying, “Wow. He is not handsome. Come. Be honest with us.” Scott replied, “I don’t think it really matters – she thinks I’m cute.” Taking it further, the divine said, “Yeah, what are you talking about, guys? My husband is so, so cute.” She gave a kiss.

Amidst the hate, they also have a supportive fan base. Fans gulp, “Wow, you two are so classy! A really cool couple.” A guardian told the haters, “Why do you care about what they post on their account? Get a life.”

couple gave A recommendation for couples in long distance relationships.

“The only thing I can recommend is patience, because long distance is hard, and you’re always going to make sacrifices to be in their lives, no matter how far or at what time.” opens Scott. “Trust the Process” Adds Divine.

Another TikTok couple, Aline and Maria, faced backlash due to their 220-pound weight difference. Aline initially kept their relationship a secret, fearing judgment. Now, they’re sharing their story to encourage love without judgment.

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