HomeInspiring StoriesI opened my own auto repair shop to make women feel safe

A female mechanic is working to make sure women and non-binary people feel comfortable and at ease whenever they have car problems. The 25-year-old was “anxious” when she needed help and only male-dominated repair shops were available, so she started her own business.

Zoe Cog from Manchester, England, created a safe place for women to get car help, which she called AutoCog. Although he started as a receptionist in the industry, he became a mechanic. She realized that women constantly worried about being discriminated against or stigmatized about entering male-dominated repair shops.

“I’ve been the woman on the other end, worried about going into places like garages and feeling anxious, and although it’s never easy, I like to think of myself as an approachable, friendly woman who’s created a place where you can walk. Regardless of your gender, feel free,” she said in a Interview.

“I’m happy to take the pressure off women and be able to provide a better service like a male-owned garage, but also build trust with the people I work with,” she added.

He says the response to Autocock has exceeded all expectations. “Honestly, the response to my garage has been phenomenal and more than I expected. It’s been an incredible roller coaster. I’ve received some incredible words of support and positive feedback from not just women, but also men,” she said. revealed.

He continued, noting how some of the feedback proved why a woman-owned repair shop is so necessary. “Although some comments have proved why women need such a place – that’s for sure. People have questioned my ability to do the job as a woman, but I don’t let that get to me,” she said.

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