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Most babysitters are friends and family, and 51% Babysitters don’t earn money for it. Babysitting is a big job, and finding a reliable sitter can be difficult, which is why parents often rely on those they trust the most.

A reader The bright side A sister named Anne had a bit of trouble when she asked her to babysit at short notice. She wrote us a letter about it and we decided to give her some advice to help her out.

Thanks for reaching out to us, Anne! team at The bright side You came together to help you resolve the tension you are facing with your sister. Here’s what we’ve come up with to help you out.

  • Give it some time keep calm. Wait a few days before open chat with Emma. This break will allow both of you to reflect and avoid making things worse by jumping into an argument immediately after an argument.

  • After you have had enough time to think, Contact Emma to arrange Face-to-face meeting. In-person discussions are more effective than phone calls because they are more direct and open. Virtual interactions can lead to misunderstanding very quickly, so it is best to avoid them in this situation.
  • Help Emma Understand your vision more clearly. Let her know that while you realize the challenges of motherhood, you have many responsibilities in your daily life, such as work.

  • Make it clear to Emma that she is claiming child support and is entitled to compensation. Friends and family can sometimes help Child care Without payment, it should not be considered. While you are taking care of her children, you are dedicating time and energy that you would like to use for your livelihood. Also, taking care of three children is incredibly challenging, so it’s reasonable to expect more compensation.
  • Spend quality time with Emma. Since you mentioned that you can’t do things together like before, plan an enjoyable activity for both of you. It can be as simple as watching a movie or having a coffee date.

We hope these suggestions will help you and your sister resolve your differences and understand each other better.

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