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The mother was furious when her six-year-old daughter returned home in tears. The reason? A classmate stole her $50 bento lunchbox. In Answer With the school’s lack of action, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She shared her story.

So my sister bought my daughter (age 6) a bento box for $50. After school on Thursday, my daughter came home and while I was unpacking her bag as usual, I noticed her bento box was missing. When I asked her where it was, she said that a girl in her class named Audrey (pseudonym) took it and refused to give it back.

I asked if she went to her teacher and she said yes, but her teacher told her it was a lunch box and it didn’t matter. Now, Audrey’s name is not new to my household; She and the other girls always picked on my daughter and no matter how many times I went to school about it nothing was done. To say I was angry is an understatement.

The next day, I went to the school 30 minutes before lunch time and requested a meeting with the teacher and principal. They brought my daughter down, I explained the situation and they had someone get Audrey.

Audrey brought the lunchbox to “prove” but because my daughter’s name was inside, I asked her to open the lunchbox and watched her for a long time as she opened it. My daughter’s name was clear as day. When I asked my daughter to return it, she started crying.

The teacher asked Audrey if it was okay if she had her food for the day and I said no, she had 5 minutes to find something else to put the food in, or I would throw it out. Instead of finding a closed container, they started arguing with me I stood up and grabbed the bento box and in front of them all, I threw the food into the trash can.

Holding my daughter’s hand, comforting the crying girl, I left the office with a bento box. hours later, I told my sister what had happened and she said that although I have every right to be mad, I can leave it to her., she would have bought my daughter another bento box. However, I feel it’s principled: why should we buy back what my daughter already has because some deserving child wants hers? Is my statement wrong?

People supported her behavior.

  • “This kid’s parents are just as bad as her, and if my kid comes home with anything that I know I didn’t buy her, I’m going to ask questions and bring it back to school. Not stuffing her food into it! ” Apart_Foundation1702 / Reddit
  • “Audrey faced absolutely zero consequences for her actions from school. She was crying her way out. She finally faced the consequences. conscious-arm-7889 / reddit
  • “No, you’re not wrong. Audrey learned a lesson that day, and so did the principal and teacher—you’re not one to play with. Remote-Crow3980 / Reddit
  • “Actions have consequences. Audrey learned a hard lesson today and will make better choices in the future. Known_Supermarket_37 / Reddit

Parenting isn’t easy, but there are certain behaviors every parent should be aware of. Taking responsibility for their actions is one of them.

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