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Having a good relationship with your in-laws can be challenging, but rewarding. However, sometimes things can go wrong and cause a lot of hurt and resentment. A Reddit user He shared The story is about how her mother-in-law traumatizes her with her actions and how she still can’t find the strength to forgive her.

Here’s how it all works started, “For the last 3 months, when I went into labor, my husband was going to drive me to the hospital and my mom and my mother-in-law were going to take my kids. and my grandmother (all from the same house). Both my MIL and my mother had to be in the delivery room. My gram was there to see my two kids in the waiting room. All agreed with the plan.

Now, my husband and I already have 2 sons, and for both births, my mother was there. She helped me overcome a lot of stress and panic. She must be with me with this child; Mentally. So we prepared the plan months in advance and everyone was on the same page.

“However, I am going into labor… We call MIL and my mom. I told my mom to be ready and asked my MIL to fetch my mom. An hour and 15 minutes later, MIL shows up at the hospital without my mom, my kids, or my grandma.

‘Well, it’s getting late, so let’s all go to sleep’ (it was 9:30 at night), she said, sitting in a chair in the delivery room and jumping on her phone. I told her in an angry tone to take my mom, that was the plan, I need my mom, etc. She didn’t want to. At one point, she said she didn’t feel like driving that far (my mom lives 20 minutes from her house).

So, I asked her to leave the room and she died to me. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get over the hatred and hatred I feel for her at this point. She was angry that my mother had already been through 2 births, that she had done nothing wrong, that she ‘respected people’s sleep’ and that she was not going anywhere, and that she was actually being taken out.

“Now, my mother was able to go to the hospital just as I gave birth. My children and my grandmother couldn’t do that, which bothers me a lot (we promised our children that they would meet their sister and Grammy first outside of us).

I will never forgive my MIL for this. I honestly feel like I hate her with every fiber of my being. But I’m told I’m taking it too far and it’s not that big of a deal.

The story caused quite a stir and here are some of the comments people left:

  • This is proof that MIL cannot be trusted in any capacity. She won’t follow any rules the OP lays down, even if she verbally agreed to them in advance. OP should not talk to her constantly but she should not leave the kids alone with MIL. She really couldn’t believe it. theloveburts / Reddit
  • Labor and delivery was the most vulnerable time of my entire life. Hands down. I was so scared and in so much pain that I needed people to be there for me. Not having someone support you during that time is incredibly transgressive and not worth communicating with. its_all_one_electron / Reddit
  • I’m not a professional, but it sounds like your MIL did this on purpose so she could be the only one present for the delivery. Darksponge72 / Reddit

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