HomeInspiring StoriesViral Video: Baby's Glowing Dress Causes Reactions on Dark Plane

Flight attendants are expected to be patient and calm with small children. However, sometimes, things cross the line and disturb everyone.

A video was released recently teasing_only An Instagram page of a 5- or 6-year-old girl wearing a light-up dress has gone viral on the internet.

Video shows A plane full of people sitting in a dark cabin suggests that it is a night flight, with the lights turned off for people to sleep. The caption with the visuals reads, “Imagine being on this plane…I’d be sick.”

The video has collected about 7 thousand comments from people debating whether parents should be more careful in choosing their child’s clothes or whether it is better to show such a blinding light show on a red-eye flight.

But most of them were to show more respect to other passengers:

We all need to respect each other and be mindful of other people’s inconveniences, especially when we have small children. As in this article, we should not take advantage of the situation and demand that others give up their seats for us.

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