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The human body is changing over time and we need to remind ourselves of how we are Neanderthals. Currently, a team of scientists is studying what the human body will look like in the future. And the result is mind-blowing.

Meet Alice Roberts. She is an anatomist Work In discovering how the human body should be free from defects. His body was recreated in the form of a wax figure and presented to small audiences. And what really struck those in the room was the baby’s head hanging out of the model’s belly.

Roberts explained that the baby was like this to avoid labor pains. “A child is a very strange thing. It is a very strange thing, but at the same time very beautiful,” he said.

But other parts of the body were also something that the audience discussed. Roberts explained that the model has “a chimp’s sturdy lower back to counter the mistakes of our defective adaptation to upright standing.” The long legs are shock absorbent, and the tiny tubes in his tights improve blood circulation.

We may not be around to see whether these changes come alive or not. But one thing we can observe around us is what the ideal body shape should look like. From chubby women in the ancient world to hourglass figures like Kim Kardashian, we wonder what the next perfect body will look like.

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