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“My wife, with all the pain of her soul, supported and supported me” He says Messi. He’s been with his beautiful wife since he was a teenager, and there are some obvious reasons why he doesn’t get close to other women.

Messi and Rogusso were childhood sweethearts.

The story of Messi and Roccuzzo going back During their childhood in Rosario, Argentina. They were linked by Messi’s childhood friend and Roccuzzo’s cousin, Lucas Scaglia. Even when Messi moved to Barcelona for his football career, they kept in touch.

Their relationship took a significant turn in 2005 when Messi moved back to Argentina for Roguso after the tragic loss of his best friend.

They have been a couple since at least 2009 and made their relationship public in the mid-2000s. While they usually keep their love lives private, they’ve been an official couple for quite some time, occasionally regaling fans with glimpses of their relationship through behind-the-scenes photos.

Roguso’s beauty is undoubtedly captivating, but Messi’s dedication goes beyond his looks.

Their wedding in Rosario in 2017 was a big affair was invited “The Wedding of the Century.” There were 260 guests, including famous names such as Luis Suárez, Gerard Pique and Shakira. Messi is very devoted to his wife avoids Any physical contact with other women.

has become reported He wanted to become the best soccer player in the world to give Roguso a wonderful career. However, after they tied the knot, numerous female fans tried to test his loyalty. A notable superfan, influencer Suzy CortezTattooed Messi on his body and went so far as to send him pictures of himself in his jersey.

Messi’s response was quick – He immediately blocked her.

Messi avoids physical contact with other women because intimacy with him is reserved only for his wife.

Many people have noticed that Messi looks amazing in his photos with other girls. He usually stands in an unusual pose, with his arms at his sides or his hands in his pockets, avoiding putting his arms around the women in the photos.

This behavior is said to be because he wants to prevent the media from misinterpreting the photos and implying something inappropriate when there is none. Even when he was photographed with Shakira, he maintained his distance and insisted that their relationship was purely platonic.

Messi’s commitment to maintaining boundaries with women who are not his wives sets a remarkable example for married men, especially those in a career where he meets many beautiful women. He prioritizes living a private life with Roguso and their children, repeatedly emphasizing his unwavering devotion to his teenage sweetheart. This level of commitment is real Rare and admirable.

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