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Jennifer Jensen from Texas shared her experience on TikTok, recounting a hiking adventure in New Zealand for her 30th birthday. To prepare for the heavy rain expected during her trek, she purchased a waterproof rain jacket. Unfortunately, when the rain started, she found out The jacket is not waterproof.

“I bought this ‘rain jacket’ two days ago,” she said started The video reveals that he purchased the jacket for its alleged waterproof capabilities, saying, “It’s raining outside and I’m 100% sure I’m soaked.”

Pausing to take in the beautiful scenery of New Zealand, he revealed that it was not his intention to return the money. On the contrary, she had a peculiarity Request For the brand, “This raincoat has been redesigned to be waterproof and I’m waiting on top of Lake Hooker Valley in New Zealand.

The complaint video quickly went viral, reaching over 11.6 million views and numerous comments. Observers pointed out the apparent silence of the popular clothing brand. However, the brand’s silence was broken by an epic marketing video.

In response, the brand shared a video on their TikTok page in which an employee (skiier Josie Wells in disguise) retrieving a red jacket from a local shop in New Zealand. The video showed the crew boarding the helicopter to meet Jensen and present her with her new jacket.

The title Read, “We were busy delivering Jen’s jacket to the top of the hill. Thanks for the help Josie!” The post received more than 4 million views and thousands of comments, including Jensen’s happy response, “You definitely came through for me. We will give you a new jacket on the next rainy day trip,” she said revealed.

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