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$10 million for this nonsense? Bieber’s outrageous performance at Ambani Sangeet | Vopbuzz.com

The never-ending wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant continued with the much-awaited sangeet last night. The event was attended by celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood. According to Hindustan Times, the evening also saw a special performance by Justin Bieber, a video of which has gone viral on social media. However, the footage has elicited mixed reactions from netizens — mostly negative ones.

The Canadian sensation was reportedly paid $10 million for his performance at the event. He arrived in Mumbai that morning and apparently left his mojo at the airport. Dressed in a vest and pants outfit that gradually slid lower and lower around his waist as the evening wore on, Bieber took to the stage with the enthusiasm of a sloth and performed the hits Peaches, Love yourself, Where are you now? And There is nothing easier.

Social media, of course, was filled with hilariously sarcastic comments about the performance, with one user joking: “$10 million for this crap,” while another commented: “What a pathetic outfit.” Some even accused Bieber of lip-syncing the entire show: “He’s so dead… And lip-syncing… Big no, no. What a joke.” The lack of enthusiasm was a two-way street; most of the audience barely knew the words to his songs, and simply danced along in silence. One user simply wrote two words: “Money lost.”

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After performing at the event, Bieber couldn’t leave fast enough. The Daily Star reported that he was spotted at Mumbai’s Kalina airport on his way back to the US. He was still wearing the same outfit he wore to the sangeet ceremony. Other performances on the night included Punjabi rapper Badshah and Karan Aujla.

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