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Anne Hathaway consistently arrives on red carpets in stunning outfits and thoughtfully tailored ensembles.

during a recent interview the trendAnne reveals the source of her new fashion inspiration in the form of Generation Z. She confessed that she was particularly “switched on” by Gen Z’s constant experimentation with different aesthetics and the courage to express themselves through their fashion choices without confining themselves to specific trends. Followed the notion of ‘what’s in fashion’.

As the devil Wears Prada As the star follows in the footsteps of her iconic fashionista-journalist character, we take a look back and detail some of her most famous fashion victories over the past two years.

1. Styling the Masterpiece of the United House Code

Anne’s figure-hugging, all-white tweed dress for the 2023 Met Gala exhibition titled ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty’ has been hailed by many critics and fashion enthusiasts as one of the best looks on the biggest night of the year for fashion. acclaimed as one of the

Walking the Met steps as a representative of the House of Versace, Anne graced the white carpet in a custom-made Versace gown made from creamy-white tweed fabric — a type of fabric exclusively associated with Chanel. Her look was not only an ornate tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy in fashion and the many years of her fashion designing career she devoted to premium luxury fashion house Chanel, but it was also a subtle nod to some of Gianni Versace’s established codes. Was also. own house.

The floor-length tweed gown was embellished with Swarovski crystals and came with a matching jacket and a pair of fingerless, arm-length gloves. The stitched silhouette had a high, side slit exposing Anne’s leg and leading down to her torso, where the fabric was held together with short strings of pearls and gold safety pins.

The gown’s corseted top was embellished with Chanel’s signature motif of white camellias on each breast. Another key Chanel house code is the dazzling pearls that were incorporated into the dress, along with the Versace staple of gold safety pins. This clever combination of the aesthetics of two iconic luxury fashion ateliers created a showstopping look for Anne that will surely be entered into the encyclopedia of fashion.

2. Make Barbie’s Dreams Come True With Barbicore

A year before Barbie’s release, Anne Hathaway walked under the flashing lights of the paparazzi in a head-to-toe Barbiecore look for the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2022-23 show in Rome, Italy. The gorgeous all-Valentino look consisted of a hot-pink, completely sequin, turtleneck mini dress, which Anne wore with matching Valentino Garavani platform pumps and a signature Valentino rock-studded, gunmetal chain-strap mini-bag.

Anne’s monochrome, sheer pink, barbiecore-inspired outfit was likely taken from the Valentino Pink PP collection, which made waves for its commitment to the vibrant and in-your-face color that seemed to be everywhere in anticipation of Barbie’s debut. It was predicted. Big screen in live action.

While the barbiecore look has been gracing our pages on all social media for you, it can’t be denied that Anne was one of the few celebrities to embrace the trend in its pink and glittery form .

3. Explore both color and silhouette

Anne’s rediscovery of fashion sense and ongoing style evolution has been marked by her more experimental approach to styling, accessorisation and choice of color palette. However, another important milestone in her ongoing journey to becoming a fashion icon is her willingness to explore more unique silhouettes.

Anne was a sight to behold at the 2022 Bvlgari event, where she wowed attendees and unwittingly fellow Bvlgari brand ambassador in an acornary-yellow ensemble from Maison Valentino. The dress consisted of a long, oversized button-down shirt that transitioned into a long, flared and open gown. The almost-androgynous, button-down shirt and gown hybrid was teamed with matching yellow shorts, with most of the buttons left open.

Oversized clothing has been a staple for Gen Z and an essential feature of some of the fashion aesthetics that are currently in vogue. However, Anne’s take on the trend of looser silhouettes and oversized clothing went beyond the streetwear outfits typically seen and fashioned herself through the use of fabulous fabrics, perfect tailoring, and of course, diamond necklaces. Elevated to the position of, which he wore at a higher level. Jewelery Showcase.

4. Channeling Andrea’s Glamor

When Anne Hathaway hit the streets of New York for New York Fashion Week in a brown, knit, turtleneck dress and matching brown alligator leather overcoat, the Internet went into a collective frenzy, giving fans instant flashbacks. for the closing scene of the devil Wears Prada where Anne’s character, Andrea Sachs, wears almost the same thing. To make the flashback even more intense, Anne kept her hair in a similar hairstyle, with her hair pinned back and bangs covering her forehead.

What made this fashion moment even more iconic was the fact that she stepped out to attend the Michael Kors show at New York Fashion Week and was coincidentally photographed sitting next to Anna Wintour. the trend Editor-in-Chief Joe was the main inspiration behind Anne’s reel-life boss Miranda Priestly.

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