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Popular Pakistani actor and VJ Anushi Ashraf has recently been taking to her Instagram Stories to share her thoughts on the current political and socio-economic turmoil in the country. In a recent upload on his social media, the actor responded to a Pakistani-Christian fan who was raising concerns over discrimination against minorities, to which Ashraf expressed sympathy and wished “nothing but peace and prosperity”. Wished

Sehra Mein Safar The actor expressed regret for the current realities for minority communities in Pakistan and expressed embarrassment at not being able to improve conditions when a follower messaged him: “I am a Pakistani Christian and recent events have left us Is [heartbroken], We are still praying for the recovery of our land.”

In response, the actress expressed her dismay at the show of entitlement she has been given, writing, “I’m so sorry. I am ashamed for not being able to help make a difference. We talk about rights but are far away from it. If it means anything, I sincerely apologize on behalf of the entire Muslim community.

He further wrote about the brutal nature of this “disease” which has spread hatred within the country; “It is not us. He is not even human. Or [animalistic], This is a monster. A disease that thrives and grows. I hope you know, any healthy person will not cooperate in this. I wish nothing but peace and prosperity for you.”

However, as per reports in propakistani.pk, this is not the first time Anushi has been vocal about the law and order situation on her Instagram. VJ recently referred to those circumstances as “#lawofthejungle” when he talked about the disadvantages of being a citizen in the country. “Thousands have been jailed and others are now too afraid to speak out, perhaps being a second class citizen in a foreign country is better than being a third class citizen,” he said. [citizen] my self.”

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