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Anushi Ashraf may have married an expat, but she has no concrete plans to leave Pakistan | Vopbuzz.com

Video jockey and TV actress Anushi Ashraf recently held a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram, sharing intimate details of her life just days after she tied the knot.

Ashraf answered various questions candidly, including one about her beloved pets. When asked if she would be bringing her pets to her new home after marriage, she confidently confirmed, “My husband lives in London! We had a Nikah and are planning an intimate wedding soon, Inshallah. The dog goes where I go. They are family and we never leave family behind.”

Another question was about the possibility of moving abroad with her husband. Ashraf admitted: “There are no clear plans yet, but we will travel a lot! Hooray.”

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Acknowledging the admiration of her young female audience, Ashraf expressed gratitude, especially to the mother whose daughter finds her inspiring. “Thank you so much. These messages make me so happy. May God bless you tenfold. And much love to all your children. May their future be bright and may they grow up happy and wise,” she responded warmly.

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In response to a fan’s revelation about struggling with loneliness while traveling, Ashraf offered compassionate advice. “Solitude cannot be taken away by the wrong partnership or marriage,” she advised. “Take your time. Trust in the process. Be your own best friend and enjoy all your travels and work to the fullest. It’s all a blessing. Being single at this time can also be a blessing, you just don’t know it,” she assured her followers. “The right person will come along when you are self-sufficient enough. When you are happy with yourself. When you are okay with yourself.” Ashraf ended her response on a hopeful note, urging her audience to embrace life’s adventures with optimism. “The glass is always half full. Don’t miss the moments. See the world, laugh and explore, and you will meet someone when the time is right.”

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The VJ also touched on the seriousness of postpartum depression during the session. Responding to a mother who admitted that she wanted someone to take her baby, Ashraf wrote, “Postpartum depression is very real. No, you don’t want someone to take your baby, you just need the right help and support. I suggest you talk to your gynaecologist as soon as possible. Tell your family how you are feeling and ask for their help and support during this crucial time.”

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