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gracing the guest sofa Talk Show With host Tabish Hashmi, Reema Khan offered a candid introspection about finding fame as a Lollywood superstar while juggling personal relationships. Talking about his entry into showbiz, the actor shared how his consistent efforts always bear fruit.

“If the beginning is hard, believe me, the result will be worth it…” Reema embodies the time-tested adage. “When you go through a process, you find that reaching the destination is difficult, not impossible.” height The actor recalled his first audition and how his success surprised him.

“So, I auditioned in the presence of many actors who are today’s superstars. When I was auditioning with them, I was not at all confident that I would be selected. Reema commented, “I will enter this category of heroines on the big screen.”

His 2011 hit song was also discussed in the conversation sadness in love, from the romantic drama film of the same name, which featured an ensemble cast. Delving into the project, Reema thought, “To achieve anything, you have to leave your ego behind at home. There were so many talented names from different fields…from fashion design to television to the big screen, like Nadeem, Omar Sharif, Sahiba, Rambo, Moammar Rana…”

However, the actor said that the same key brought his ambitions to life smartly. Reema said, “Everyone has money and connections, but I had a power at that time which I used to do such a difficult song…it was my courtesy.” “I respected everyone…I never pulled a leg. So when I made a call, everyone was with me.”

The star emphasized his motto of putting aside one’s ego to develop lasting relationships of respect with others. According to the actor, it is because of this practice that she gives herself 10/10 marks in playing the off-screen roles of a mother, a wife and a daughter-in-law. “If I hadn’t tried to be a good wife, my husband wouldn’t have let me work,” Reema said, explaining how deeply her career and personal life are intertwined.

She added, “If I hadn’t tried to be a good mother, my eight-and-a-half-year-old son wouldn’t have walked for four hours to a pro-Palestine rally yesterday. If I had not tried to be a good daughter-in-law, my in-laws would not have believed that wherever I would go, their heads would be held high with pride.”

However, one has to ask: In retrospect, did continued respect for others ever feel like self-sacrifice? According to Reema, she never saw care as a transaction. “When you do something good, don’t expect anything in return because whatever expectations you have from people, they will break your heart, they will hurt you.”

Discussing her possible comeback in the industry, Reema clarified that she has not quit acting. “At present, the people who are already working are doing a tremendous job. I have worked in 200 films. Now this will be a character that I have not done before. If someone writes such a story you will definitely see me [on screen],

When asked which comeback role she would like to play, the celebrity questioned the limited understanding of heroes and heroines in Pakistan showbiz. “Why is it that in our culture the hero or heroine is still defined in romantic films and songs? You can become a hero or heroine in any style. So, lead roles are not necessarily about songs or romantic scenes.”

Talking about what would attract her to the new project, she said, “The role has to be powerful. You will never see me playing filler characters. On the topic of her film preferences, Reema went on to explain why she never entered Bollywood.

“I got offers from Bollywood. I think he already has a lot of talent. From what I’ve seen, it’s wise to stay within your home region. There’s no point in going to a palace where you have to feel embarrassed,” the actor replied cryptically, alluding to other Pakistani stars who debuted in Bollywood.

Elaborating on the problems Pakistani artistes face at the border, Reema said, “They give you due respect. There are such factions everywhere including Bollywood and they don’t want other artistes, especially from Pakistan, to make their name famous.” The celebrity stressed that there are many people who welcome cultural exchange with open arms. But factions prove to be more influential.

Looking at how Reema’s rise to stardom began in the 90s, the veteran star in the interview recalls the once-evident rivalry between the competitive industry and the actors. “The most beautiful thing about the 90s is that when all the heroines claimed to be number one, there was an honesty among them.” marriage the actor said. “There was no contradiction between his beliefs and practices… He said what he felt in his heart.”

Reema further said, “These days you are seeing hypocrisy… superficially, people claim to support you, but deep down they are not.” Becoming a judge myself.

He further added, “We had viewers and journalists analyzing how the graph was for a certain actor.” On a related note, Reema remembered the time when showbiz rivalry turned into a physical clash. “There was a heroine…I think she was, is and will always be number one in her unique genre and category. No one has defeated him and no one can defeat him till the end,” he indirectly revealed the struggle.

Without revealing the identity of the actor, Reema described the steamy encounter. “He used inappropriate language. Now I don’t know how to abuse. I asked him to stop once, twice. This is the third time this happened, I am a Persian-Pathan, so then…” She moved back with a slap gesture. “I landed one.” In retrospect, love ’95 The star argued that if she had not been so young she would have handled the situation with more maturity.

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