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Friendship Marriage A new relationship trend gaining popularity in Japan.cms

modern relationships and marriages are complex and more young people are adding to the mix. Japan We are now moving to a new type of relationship called Friendship Marriage. Although it is not a traditional marriage, best friends marrying each other is not a marriage of convenience. So what Friendship Marriage and why do more people in Japan choose it? Read on to learn more.
All about Friendship Marriage
Instead, as the name suggests, Companionship Marriage is a type of relationship in which two people are legally married to each other and may even have children together, but they consciously decide not to have any physical or romantic intimacy with each other. Therefore, they often choose other medical means to have children together.
According to reports, thousands of people participate in Friendship Marriages in Japan. According to data shared by Colorus, an agency specializing in friendship marriage, approximately 500 people are in this marriage in Japan. Friendship Marriages Colorus also shared that many couples in this type of arrangement often discuss and make agreements about various aspects of their lives before getting married. Other than the romantic aspects of a relationship, they discuss food preferences, interests, expenses, parenting styles, and much more, as it’s all about having a compatible roommate to live with.
Data on Friendship Marriages in Japan reveals that most people who choose this type of arrangement have above-average incomes and are often asexual or homosexual. They also often call long term friendship rather than a traditional marriage that involves physical and emotional intimacy and financial interdependence.
Explaining the concept of Friendship Marriages, which is very popular in Japan, marriage lawyer named Zhao Li described it as “More than friends, less than lovers.”
Meanwhile, another new one relationship tendency It is sleep divorce that has gained popularity in India and the West. Sleep Divorce is not a traditional divorce between humans; It is a term used when a married, in love and committed couple decides to sleep separately in different beds. The idea is that such couples have different work schedules, sleeping patterns, one person’s snoring, etc. It gives priority to a good night’s sleep for various reasons such as.
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