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While many laud Bollywood sensation Kangana Ranaut’s acting and filmmaking talent, local Pakistani actor, model and TV presenter Nausheen Shah has expressed her dismay towards the Indian actor. on talk shows Had Kar DiShah was visibly annoyed by the comments of host and actor Momin Saqib. tanu weds manu Known for making actors.

As a guest on Saqib’s talk show, the actor was asked if she has ever met any Bollywood actor after denying meeting or having a resemblance to Kareena Kapoor. While the Pakistani model said she has not had any such meeting so far, she expressed a special interest in meeting Ranaut. When the host asked why, Shah began to express his anger towards the comments made about Pakistan. “The way she talks about my country, the way she talks about the Pakistan Army… I salute her courage.”

He further added, “She has no knowledge but she talks about the country – that too about someone else’s country – focus on your country, focus on your acting…you know, you focus on his acting, his direction; You focus on your controversies and ex-lovers and other things,” he scoffed, after which Shah questioned the validity of the Indian star’s comments: “How do you know people are mistreated in Pakistan? Is? How do you know about Pakistan Army? How do you know about our agencies? We ourselves do not know, the agencies are from our country; Army belongs to our country, they do not share these things with us. They are secrets, aren’t they?”

Shah further added, “Fantastic actress! Beautiful, she is a very beautiful woman. Great actress! But, I’m sorry, when it comes to respecting other people and countries; Too bad…he’s an extremist.”

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