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Social media has been taken by storm following a series of viral videos in which Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan candidly discussed her battle with mental health issues. The controversy took an unexpected turn when former actor Noor Bukhari, herself a celebrity facing mental health challenges, made comments that have sparked intense debate.

In a clip that quickly went viral on various platforms, Mahira opened up about her personal struggles with mental health, highlighting that she had been praying despite her difficulties. Her honest and heartfelt confession resonated with many, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues openly and without stigma.

However, the situation took a controversial turn when Noor reacted to the viral video with a comment that polarized social media. The former star said, “Return to your Lord, Allah. When you are feeling this kind of spirit, the soul needs to connect. It is time to receive the call and change your path. May Allah take your pain.” reduce it.” Noor’s message appears to suggest that seeking professional help for mental health challenges may be less effective or even unnecessary than turning to faith.

Netizens argued that Noor’s comments could be interpreted as minimizing the seriousness of Mahira’s struggles and discouraging her from seeking professional help, which is a widely accepted and evidence-based approach to managing mental health issues. is the approach.

Amidst a barrage of criticism on social media over his stand, Noor responded by defending his remarks in a later post. She said, “I can relate to that because I myself was going through depression but only Allah can heal any kind of illness. And I found peace in that. It was a positive reminder.”

He expressed further skepticism, saying, “Seeing that everyone is literally abusing me as illiterate for believing in Allah and I am not disappointed that it is true. Where is your reliance on God? What Is there anyone other than God who can heal? If it makes believe I am illiterate then it is better that I remain illiterate.” Noor’s response has sparked further debate, with many claiming that her comments may be misleading to individuals struggling with mental health problems, potentially discouraging them from seeking professional help.

Mental health experts emphasize that while faith can be a source of comfort and support for many individuals, it is essential to recognize that evidence-based treatments, such as therapy and medication, are often needed to effectively manage mental health conditions. medicine is required. Mental health is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach, and seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness but a proactive step toward recovery.

The debate over the role of trust and professional help in managing mental health continues to rage on social media, underscoring the need for open, respectful and informed discussion on this important issue.

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