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Indian business woman Isha Ambani Piramal She is not only a strong leader but also an inspiration to many people, especially women. Coming from a family of strong women, including Ambani matriarch Kokilaben Ambani and her mother Nita Ambani, Isha Ambani has also made a place for herself by leading the business and economy in India. Reliance Retail.Talking about women in the workplace in a recent video, Isha shared her views on the need for more women in the workforce. He also shared that he personally believes women have an advantage over men. Leadership roles as they are more empathetic in nature and tend to cheer everyone up.
“I personally believe that women have an edge over men as leaders. Women are empathetic and this automatically makes them better leaders. A woman leader will inevitably take the team with her as she climbs the ladder. I have heard my mother, Ms. Nita Ambani, an advocate of women empowerment, time and time again.” says: ‘If you empower a man, he can feed a family, and he can feed the whole village.’ “I believe what my mother said is true. Women are born leaders, and their innate sacrifice makes them better leaders. By denying women leadership roles, we deny ourselves the chance to realize our full potential.” said Isha Ambani in a video speech. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Day for Girls in India 2024.
ICT Day 2024 was held recently. government of indiaInternational Telecommunication Union (South Asia), together with the Innovation Center in Delhi and several agencies of the United Nations.

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In her short video message, Isha also urged young girls to choose science, technology, engineering and mathematics (ROOT) and build a career in these fields. “Moreover, we live in a time of change; the world is changing, the world is renewing, and if we want to survive in this rapidly changing world, we must innovate too. The way we work has already changed and will change even more. And so, everyone here today should be ready to embrace change. “Be ready to take up science and technology as a career because science and technology holds the key to the future. So break the chains of tradition, challenge yourself and become change makers,” he said.
In her speech, Isha further highlighted gender discrimination in the workplace and emphasized the need for equality and encouraging more women to join the workforce, especially in technology, which is the need of the hour. “Unfortunately, even today, there is a gender gap in India’s tech workforce. According to NASSCOM, only 36 percent of India’s tech workforce is women. Belief in age-old dogmas and social stereotypes such as teaching and career jobs A similarly troubling situation is the decline in the number of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-focused roles, with data from the World Bank showing that they account for 43 percent of all STEM graduates in India. , for only 14 percent of engineers and technologists, India has a demographic that is fit to make tremendous progress and emerge as a world leader in this era of the 4th industrial revolution, also known as the digital age, then both men and women are at their full potential. A male-dominated STEM or ICT environment in which women are under-represented will rob India of its opportunity to dominate the world. We missed the first two industrial revolutions and are just catching up. with the third. This period of the fourth industrial revolution allowed us to make adjustments. We must rise to the occasion, push ourselves and succeed, otherwise we risk becoming irrelevant. For India to shine, more and more girls, women of tomorrow need to enter the STEM field and choose technology as a career because if we are to build the India of our dreams, technology will be our driving force and both men and women in science and technology must be firing on all cylinders. It needs to fire,” Isha added.
Addressing gender inequality Touching on the problem and the need for inclusivity in the workplace, Isha also said that female employees should be supported at the beginning of their careers. “They need to be shown that their growth can happen within a company and how that can help the company,” she added.
She concluded by saying that to encourage more women to become interested in STEM and ICT, we need to strengthen our curricula and ensure they are neutral. “Together, we can build a future where innovation stems from diversity and our girls are given equal opportunities to become the leaders of tomorrow,” she said.
For the uninitiated, Isha runs Reliance Retail and is also the mother of twins named Krishna and Aadiya Piramal. She is married to businessman Anand Piramal.

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