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in a candid and heartfelt interview FYI Podcast Hosted by Freeha Altaf, renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan sheds light on various aspects of her life, from her career and personal challenges to her struggle with mental health.

The interview provided a window into Mahira’s journey, shedding light on her thoughts about fame, her battle with anxiety and her enduring optimism. When asked about the criticism she receives despite being one of the most popular female artistes in the country, Mahira said, “I think, especially being a woman when you’re on the rise, when people can see that You have potential, and you’ve just had a hit, it’s love, love, love. It’s hard to digest when you cross their imagination, and I know it.’

The star spoke candidly about her personal struggles, including moments of self-doubt and a lack of confidence. “When you’re talking, I’m wondering why I do this sometimes?” Mahira thought out loud. “I think it’s kind of a habit. I’ve always had it. Because even when I was growing up, there was a lot of attention on me, and I didn’t want that attention. I wanted to be part of the group. was — like everyone else. That focus sometimes affected my relationships. My desire to better understand who I am, what I am, what I look like, the things I’ve done, and my journey through life. I’ve been able to. I’m more comfortable holding it with me now. But I fall [back] To the point where I say, ‘No, I’m not this,’ so I can make it easier on everyone around me.”

Mahira shares valuable insight into managing doubt, citing advice from Sarmad Khoosat. “Sarmad says, ‘Retain doubt because when you are not sure, we take you on.’ “A little bit of doubt, but at the end of the day, believe more than doubt,” said the superstar.

Addressing the online trolling, Mahira said, “You come full of confidence and passion, and you think that once the cameras are on, you’ll show them what you’ve got. It’s a kind of energy.” . Because of all this social media, criticism – constant, no matter what you do – that’s when this weird doubt and lack of confidence comes in; it hurts. It hurts me when people in my industry say something. My fans champions. They’ve fought battles for me like, oh, it’s scary sometimes. I don’t mind faceless, bored people at home with nothing to do; their mothers yelling at them Wali Hai – just before that, they see somebody’s picture, and they wrote, ‘Hey you Muslim?’ ‘You will burn in the fire,’ or ‘I hope you die.’ It doesn’t bother me anymore.”

Addressing the industry’s criticism, the actor said, “It’s happened to me the most. And it’s something that I make sure and resolve not to do. Because I want that many years from now , When a girl comes and wants to be like me, she chooses these things. Not other things. You don’t put anyone down. If someone is succeeding, you appreciate him. You will be successful.”

When the star was asked why she hasn’t made her move to Hollywood yet, she joked, “I’m waiting for a call from Brad Pitt.” When Mahira was asked about changing her appearance for a role – going bald for example, she said, “I would do that.” She also elaborated on her philanthropic endeavors and ended by saying, “I want to build an old people’s home.”

Mahira’s journey has not been without trials. He shared the deep impact of the ban on Pakistani artistes working in India, which caused him to experience anxiety and depression. “It was unexpected. I had finished the film, everything was going well, and then suddenly this attack happens, and everything becomes political… you know. With India, it’s always political happens. But the fact is that it would be this mess… I wasn’t scared, I was threatened. Tweets constantly; in fact, I used to get calls. And very scary. And the only thing I wanted Was, ‘Okay, okay, I can’t go to India to promote it, I can’t enjoy it, but I hope it releases in my country.’ Because I knew people would rush to the theaters to see these two. She’s loved here…so for me, it was heartbreaking.”

He further revealed, “I think the anxiety that was always inside me, and a failed depression, came out. It was a difficult time for me. I felt attacked. I think I made it took, and it crashed down. And then the backlash, and then there’s constantly your face on their channels and here too – constantly getting nasty tweets, threats, or comments that say, ‘Get out of here,’ and You say, ‘I was never there. I am here, I am at home.’ And then people at home are saying, ‘Why have you gone?’ It was from both sides. That’s when I think my faith broke a bit. My anxiety increased to such an extent that one day, I had a panic attack and fainted. That was the first time I went to therapy. I went to one therapist and then another, but it wasn’t working for me. Either I wasn’t opening up, or when I sat down with therapists, they seemed to surprise me a little. Used to watch from.

She further added, “I was very fortunate though. My friends, my family, the person I’m still with was supporting me. But it’s not the outside. You feel the same from inside. And that The year was also difficult. And in the same year rich was released the same year otherwise was released, and in the same year the whole picture took place. And it broke me. I was broken. I will not sleep; My hands were shaking… I remember the first time I faced a crowd; I was very nervous…that was all. I was saying so, no one is going to come. We were going for promotion. And there was a crowd and a crowd of people.”

Opening up further, Mahira revealed, “The anxiety persisted. All the triggers were out in the open. My vulnerabilities were coming out. And finally, I ended up at a psychiatrist’s office, and she said I had manic depression… Six , it’s been seven years I’ve been taking antidepressants. I tried to quit them midway and went to a very dark place. I’m a very optimistic person, so I understood that beyond me, beyond prayers There’s something I’ll do, other than having friends who will cheer me on, other than everything else. Something’s not right, and that’s okay.”

She predicted that news portals would run her as a headline talking about depression, thereby highlighting how she really hates such news. However, she added that if anyone out there might see this and is going through the same thing, she wants them to know it’s a collision and help is available.

At the end of the podcast, Freeha comments on how Mahira has now found the love of her life, to which Mahira blushes, smiles and agrees. Regarding her privacy and personal life, the star insisted, “There are some things that are mine, and they are mine.”

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