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In a surprising revelation, legendary actor Nisho’s daughter and Pakistani actress Sahiba Afzal revealed that she has never met or seen her biological father. The candid confession comes in a resurfaced clip when Sahiba appeared as a guest on veteran actor Sajid Hassan Talk Show Last year.

Describing her family history, she said, “I never met my family [biological] Father; My mother was separated from him even before I was born.” The revelation offered a glimpse into a lesser-known aspect of the actor’s personal life, who further shared, “Nobody had asked me this before.”

Despite the absence of her biological father, Sahiba spoke warmly of her stepfather, Jamal Pasha. He emphasized the strong bond that they shared till their last breath. Sahiba said, “My stepfather, whom I never like to address as stepfather because he is above the biological father to me, gave me a lot of love and affection.”

“He is no more in this world, may Allah grant him the highest position in heaven. He came into my life when I was only ten years old,” revealed the actor. “It has been five years since his death, and until his last moments, we shared a great bond. He was like a friend to me, with whom I shared all my secrets, which I did not do even with my mother. Because of his presence, I never felt the absence of a father in my life,” he added.

Giving additional information about Jamal, Sahiba said that he was once a pilot by profession and also worked for TV channels.

In 2022, the actor gained attention when she talked about raising two sons, Ahsaan and Zain, with her husband and fellow actor Afzal Khan, better known as Rambo John. In an episode of a morning show where the pair appeared together as guests, Sahiba reflected on the difficulty of being a woman and how she is grateful for the fact that she has no daughters.

In a segment where fans sent questions to the guests, Sahiba was asked if she wished she had a daughter. To this the actor replied, “I always wanted a son.” I am thankful that in today’s times, God did not give me a daughter, because daughters have to face a lot of pressure. Throughout their lives they are never able to find their way. First, it is parental pressure, then it is husband pressure. He has no desires of his own. Girls have no life of their own.”

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