HomeLifestyle FashionNazish Jehangir says 'everyone' thinks she looks like Kriti Sanon.

Pakistani actress Nazish Jehangir recently shared that many people have told her that she looks very similar to Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon. During a Q&A session on her Instagram, Nazish was told by a fan that she looks like Kriti and since then, fans and Pakistani showbiz consumers cannot ignore the resemblance between the two beautiful ladies.

“You look like Kriti Sanon. I don’t know if anyone ever told you or not,” wrote a fan, to which Nazish replied with a one-word “Everybody”, which also included two facepalm emojis.

The way Nazish reacted to the comment shows that either he is not too happy with the comparison or that he has been compared to Kriti so many times that he is tired of being told that they look alike. Are. Either way, we can’t deny that both the actors have some shared characteristics that make them very similar to each other.

Both Nazish and Kriti have long, angular faces which are further complemented by their high cheekbones. Their long, shiny hair is also a similar physical feature. Their similar body type and height also account for the overall matching of their physical appearances.

Nazish made his debut in the Pakistani television industry a few years back in 2019 itself and since then, he has worked in several drama serials. Kriti came into limelight in 2014 with the release of her debut Bollywood film Heropanti opposite Tiger Shroff.

With just a little over 20 films to her credit, Kriti is still on the rise in her acting career, as has Nazish – having appeared in a dozen or more plays in the past four years.

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