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Trailer of a new Pakistani indie series titled Romeo and Jameela has increased the interest of young audiences locally. The film is produced by Binji, a new arts and entertainment company that claims to own and run Pakistan’s first online video portal.

From the two-minute trailer of the series uploaded by Binji on his official social media account and YouTube channel on September 1, we come to know that it is an emotional love story. The protagonists of the film are Romeo, Ali Sheryar and Jamila. The actor who plays Jameela is an influencer who goes by the name @featuringfatima on Instagram and has over 15,000 followers.

During the trailer, we are introduced to the basic premise of the series in which the two main characters form a mutually beneficial arrangement. Romeo promises to teach Jamila how to play guitar for an upcoming music competition and in return, Jamila agrees to help him prepare for and pass the exam. As the premise is set, we get a glimpse of how their deal to help each other leads to an unexpected outcome and the two fall in love with each other. However, the trailer also hints at potential conflict and trouble as their journey is not a smooth one at all.

The series description posted below its trailer reads: “As a last ditch effort to save his academic future, Romeo meets Jamila, a newcomer to his college who helps him with his studies. Their quest for success leads to a forbidden love that puts their lives in danger. Will the burden of their secret romance put a strain on their studies or will they decide to go their separate ways?

Marketed as a show that revolves around a new love story for the new times and era, the first episode of the series arrived on September 5, 2023, and is now available for streaming on Binge.

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