HomeLifestyle FashionUmar Shehzad talks openly about his relationship with 'Tamasha' contestant Zainab.

At the recent success party pageant In Season 2, a representative from the popular Pakistani showbiz blog Irfanistan met one of the five finalists, actor Omar Shehzad, for a surprise interview. The interviewer asked him a question that is on many people’s minds pageant The audience has since seen the on-screen chemistry and fast-growing friendship between him and his fellow contestant Zainab Raza.

Before asking the burning question, the interviewer acknowledged that it was related to we are scattered Personal life of the actor. He also suggested as the basis of his question that my companion The actor could answer with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and he also expressed concern over whether Omar would want to answer the question, given the fact that he is known to be a private person. When the interviewer finally proceeded to ask she is crazy When asked about his relationship status with Zainab, Omar handled the situation very tactfully and explained a lot about the dynamics of their friendship without giving a direct answer to the question.

picture The actor shared this as soon as he entered pageant At home, he was looking for a friend and someone he could trust and rely on during his stay. “Since my first day pageant In the house, I was looking for someone I could trust among all the contestants, because it is very difficult to trust people you have never worked with,” Omar said while explaining that. How did his relationship with Zainab develop? He further said that he found Zainab to be very “intelligent, articulate and understanding” and someone who was not afraid to take a stand and admitted that he was impressed when he saw that she had all these qualities.

Gul-O-Gulzaar The actor also revealed that while living with his fellow contestants as housemates, he came to see them as his family and confessed that all his emotions were raw and completely “natural” whenever they came across . Although he did not explicitly state in what context he was making this revelation, it is safe to assume that he was referring to his extremely sad and tearful reaction to Zainab’s shocking eviction from the Tamasha house.

Finally, he smiled and confessed that Zainab was his “best friend” and she helped him whenever it came to seeking advice or help in solving a problem. “Whenever I need help or advice solving a problem, I call him and ask him. And she very intelligently explains everything to me and helps me understand what I need to do,” he said.

When asked if the audience and fans would ever see them together again on screen in a drama serial, Omar simply replied “Why not?” And expressed hope that someday soon they will be cast together in a project.

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