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While sleeping separately in separate beds was previously thought to be bad for romantic relationships, it has now become a growing trend among many couples. Commonly called “Sleep Divorce“, which refers to the idea of ​​romantic partners sleeping in separate rooms for a variety of reasons (like better sleep quality or different work schedules). According to ScientificAmerican.com, ‘One-third of couples in the U.S. are experiencing what social media calls a “sleep divorce.” or opting for separate sleeping arrangements in search of a better night’s sleep And this modern relationship trend is catching up with many couples in India as well.
So, can sleep divorce improve a person’s relationship with their partner, or can it negatively affect them in the long run? Answering this question, Matchmaker and Relationship Coach Radhika Mohta told us, “The most important relationship we have is the relationship with ourselves, followed by the relationship with the people in our immediate circle, and then the relationship with the world at large. A well-rested mind is the first step to being more mindful of sleep divorce romantic partners, “They may choose to sleep in different rooms due to work schedules, snoring issues, caregiving, or other reasons. That’s okay.”


Elaborating on this idea, he shared a few more examples where sleep divorce is a common practice and has worked in favor of many people. Sharing these, Radhika said, “In the case of a Hyderabad-based couple, they rented 3 BHK with one being the master bedroom and the other two separate bedrooms. The husband, who is a pilot, would often stay late at night and wake up early. He would wake up in the morning and had to set multiple alarms, which meant he So it worked for them… In the case of a Gurgaon-based couple, the man has a remote job with a US-based company and has to overlap work hours with his team in the US, leading to a different sleep cycle than most of his family living with him. So, she has a different bedroom and home office… In the case of a couple based in Bengaluru, the new mother wants to sleep for seven uninterrupted hours throughout the night to rest and avoid postpartum depression, and hands over the night duty to the new father. The head of the household is in his 80s and often needs someone to help him with the toilet and other basic needs at night. One of his children is taking care of him, which means this person is constantly on guard. Being in a different room works better.” These incidents suggest that unusual sleep arrangements, including sleep divergence, can be good practice in relationships, provided it works for all people involved.
After all, various studies prove that a good night’s sleep has many benefits:
1. Improved cognitive function
Quality sleep is important for optimal brain function. It can improve a person’s memory, concentration, problem-solving and decision-making skills. The reason: When you sleep well, your brain gets enough rest and processes information more efficiently.
2. Better mood and emotional well-being
A good night’s sleep plays an important role in regulating one’s emotions and mood. Sleep deprivation can make a person irritable, cause mood swings, and increase stress.
3. Better health
Sleep is essential for the overall improvement of one’s physical and mental health. It supports better immune function and improves your overall health. Many studies also suggest that adequate sleep may reduce people’s risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
4. Better productivity and performance
Good sleep is closely related to a person’s higher level of productivity and performance.
5. Better quality of life
In general, sleeping well every night is linked to a better overall quality of life and even longer life.
“Sleep divorce” application is also personal space in relationships. Talking about this and the need to have personal space in one’s romantic relationship, Radhika said, “Personal space is important in a relationship. Life is like pizza. Sleeping together is not a single slice. There are a lot of joint responsibilities. Running the house and building a life together, in a way, changes your sleep schedules.” harmonizing is more about harmonizing your lifestyle There is a reason why medical professionals prefer to marry another doctor, it is more than one’s late night emergency calls, the phone offers constant notifications and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature is alive. It’s not, it’s only on the phone.”
But all relationships are different, and what works for one couple may not work for another. So, are there any situations in which “sleep divorce” is not recommended for some couples? Answering this question, Radhika warned: “If your love language is physical contact and you cannot do without hugs and kisses, sleep divorce is not recommended. If you find it lonely going to bed and waking up alone, then do not do it.”

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