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Indian celebrity Rakhi Sawant has taken social media by storm with her recent spiritual visit to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The Indian reality television star shared her journey to perform the holy Islamic pilgrimage Umrah with her followers on the photo-sharing app.

However, not everyone is appreciative of his spiritual endeavour, as social media influencer Mathira has expressed concern over what she sees as the exploitation of religion for personal gain. Mathira expresses her concern about the possible misuse of religion for personal gain.

He criticized Rakhi’s actions and termed them as a form of “drama” within the sacred precincts of the house of God. He cautioned that such actions could lead to negative consequences and urged to respect the sanctity of religious places. Mathira emphasized that exploiting religion for influence or profit is not in keeping with the essence of faith. “I’m sorry but this drama she’s doing [in] The house of Allah is not good and it can backfire! Please respect the house of Allah. Stop chasing this clout! Mathira wrote, it is not good to use religion for one’s own benefit.

Breaking the news of her pilgrimage through an Instagram video a few days back, Rakhi showcased her transformation by wearing a modest outfit, reflecting her commitment to the holy ritual. Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to go on Umrah, he shared his happiness and blessings on being called to the house of God. Rakhi offered prayers for her followers and also urged them to remember her in their prayers.

Rakhi Sawant’s conversion to Islam since her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani in 2022 has been the subject of attention. Despite reportedly adopting the Islamic name Fatima, her social media username has remained unchanged, sparking discussion about the sincerity of her spiritual journey.

While Rakhi has won praise for performing an important Muslim rite, her history and controversies have raised doubts among many. The announcement of his pilgrimage triggered both support and criticism, with some questioning the authenticity of his newfound faith. Undeterred, Rakhi continues to share updates from her holy journey.

A reel from Madina captured their presence in the holy city, while another video showed Rakhi and her companions circumambulating around the Kaaba. The conclusion of the Umrah was marked by a photograph in which the Rakhi stood reverently in front of the holy Kaaba.

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