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BTS frontman RM, better known as Kim Nam-joon, recently found himself facing serious allegations that the singer promoted Islamophobic sentiments. However, the band member on Wednesday clarified his stand on the waivers and made it clear that he had no ill will towards any religion.

The rapper came under fire after he shared a song by Frank Ocean channel orange album called bad Religion For his Instagram Stories. Many accused RM of being Islamophobic due to the perceived implication of the song’s lyrics and immediately “#RMApologiseToMuslims” started trending on social media. However, others believed these allegations to be untrue, stressing how the song’s theme explores the idea of ​​unrequited love in the face of religious realities, identifying as a queer person. points to Ocean’s own struggles.

Although Nam-joon initially did not speak about the matter, he later took to the South Korean app and addressed the issue with his viewers. Hindustan Times The band member reportedly denied any such implication towards defaming any other religion. “Okay guys, I know what you’re talking about. You just keep telling me I insulted a religion, but I didn’t,” the rapper denied.

He further added, “There was no intent or purpose to insult any religion. I respect every faith and every religion; that’s all I can say. So please, don’t do this. I know what’s trending on my Instagram; I can see. But I never… had no intention of [even] I have at least 1% intention in my heart to insult any religion, okay? Guys, this is a song, okay? I’m not apologizing, I’m just saying.

ammo The singer acknowledged that although not everyone would believe his statement, he wanted his fans to trust that he was indeed telling the truth: “Take my word for it, [do] not only [keep] Guessing, pretending and assuming, okay? I know I can’t; I know my limits. Even though I’m telling my truth, I know I can’t convince and convince everyone [person]…I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t lie to you. I’m just being honest.

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