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THIS is the top skill companies look for when hiring.cms

With the rise and rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) layoffsHiring new employees has become even more difficult. In the rapidly evolving field of work, new research from ADP asked a variety of employers and companies what’s important. abilities When hiring, they are looking for employees. And be strong Work ethic has emerged as the top skill most companies look for when hiring. But many employers said it was also very difficult to find.
For the research, ADP surveyed more than 1,500 business owners, leaders and hiring managers in 2024 and asked them about their priorities when hiring people.
According to the research, employees with strong work ethics often have other important work ethics as well. precision Ability Such as punctuality, efficiency and time management. They are also organized and willing to do extra work to get the job done. This shows that even where AI and technical skills are in high demand in the workplace, soft skills are ultimately the most sought-after skills when it comes to hiring.
While employed employees can develop and hone their work ethic skills on the job and through experience, new employees can also excel over others by exhibiting this quality in the workplace. Explaining this, Tina Wang, vice president of HR at ADP, told CNBC Make It: “You can teach specific technical skills needed for a job, but if a new hire comes in on day one with some of those behavioral skills, teaching those technical skills is much easier.” , becomes effective and efficient.”
Other social skills needed in the workplace
Employers and managers generally need people who are reliable and will get the job done no matter what. Therefore, being a people-pleaser and a hard worker at work is something most employers appreciate. Apart from these skills, positive mindsetwhat they can have work life balanceThose who are productive and successful are often given more opportunities in the workplace than others. Effective communication is also an important skill set that is much needed in the workplace – whether in junior-level jobs or leadership roles.

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