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First human case of bird flu confirmed in Australia in a child who contracted the infection in India
“This is the first case of H5N1 bird flu in Australia. The case occurred in an unwell child who contracted the infection in India in March 2024. The virus was detected by further testing of positive influenza samples. Victoria Department of Health, “New or concerning influenza virus strains as part of Victoria’s enhanced surveillance system,” he said.
5 states including Delhi NCR issued red alert for intense heatwave: Know what precautions you need to take
India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts heavy rainfall heat wave It will continue over the plains of northwestern India, including northern Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, for the next five days.Western Rajasthan is facing the most intense conditions, significantly affecting eastern Rajasthan, Gujarat and western Madhya Pradesh. Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh were also affected.
While there is an intense heat wave warning in the country, here are the ways to keep blood sugar under control:
Keep your blood sugar levels under control during an intense heat wave by drinking water, avoiding sugary drinks, and monitoring your glucose levels frequently. Store insulin and medications properly, eat balanced meals, and exercise indoors during cool times. Seek medical help for any unusual symptoms.
A few minutes of Yoga a day may improve heart health, reduce chances of heart attack
Doing yoga for a few minutes a day improves your health heart health By reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. Consistent yoga practice can also help manage cholesterol levels and weight, thus reducing the risk of heart attack. It’s a simple and effective way to support cardiovascular health.
7 refreshing spices for summer (and how to use them effectively)
Spices not only enhance flavor but also offer health benefits, including cooling properties that help maintain body balance during the hot summer months. Contrary to the belief that they increase body temperature, here are seven cooling spices They are especially effective in summer and there are also tips on how to use them.
5 common symptoms of bone cancer
Common symptoms bone cancer These include persistent bone pain, swelling or bumps near the affected area, fractures from weakened bones, fatigue, and unwanted weight loss. Early detection and consultation with a healthcare professional are crucial for correct diagnosis and treatment.
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