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Los Angeles:

Action star Vin Diesel has been accused of sexually assaulting his assistant in an Atlanta hotel room a decade ago, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday. The lawsuit is the latest claim to be filed in California courts, which have extended deadlines for legal action in cases of alleged sex crimes.

Asta Jonasson said that her first task after being hired by the Fast & Furious star’s company was to travel to Atlanta in September 2010 during the filming of Fast Five. There, he was tasked with helping Diesel leave the hotel in the early morning after entertaining several women in a suite, before the paparazzi were alerted to his whereabouts.

“Alone in the hotel suite with her, Vin Diesel sexually assaulted Ms. Jonason. Vin Diesel forcibly grabbed Ms. Jonason, touched her breasts, and kissed her. Ms. Jonason continued to struggle to free herself from his grip, While repeatedly saying no. “Vin Diesel then escalated his attack,” the suit says, adding that the actor tried to pull down his assistant’s underwear.

Jonasson ran into the bathroom, where Diesel followed her and forced her to touch him, the lawsuit said. He then made her stand against a wall and masturbated. The next day, Samantha Vincent, the actor’s sister and president of One Race, the entertainment company that employs Jonason, reportedly called and fired him.

The lawsuit said, “The message was clear. Ms. Jonason was fired for courageously protesting Vin Diesel’s sexual harassment, Vin Diesel would be protected and her sexual harassment would be covered up.” The civil lawsuit seeks unspecified damages against Diesel, Vincent and their companies.

According to a statement published by Variety, Diesel’s attorney Brian Friedman said that his client “completely rejects this claim” and that there is evidence that “completely refutes” the allegations. Representatives for Diesel did not immediately respond to AFP requests for comment. Jonasson has waived the right to anonymity traditionally given to victims of alleged sexual abuse.

The global #MeToo movement has seen powerful men in the world of entertainment punished for their abusive and predatory behavior, starting with the allegations against industry giant Harvey Weinstein in 2017, which led to his imprisonment on multiple sexual assault charges. Was punished.

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