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What is a silent promotion How does it affect your.cms

Have you ever performed well at work but were given additional responsibilities to take on instead of a reassignment and/or salary raise? There’s a term for this now and it’s called ”.Silent Promotion‘. And surprisingly, this is a pretty common practice in the corporate world, where well-performing employees are asked to do more.
A survey by Job Sage reveals that 78% of American workers have experienced a silent promotion.And this is not just in the West, silent promotions are quite popular in India as well.
How does silent promotion affect one’s success? career?
Silent promotion occurs when an employee leaves or is fired and the workload is given to someone else, or when an employee stays at a company for too long but is given additional responsibilities instead of being promoted. Employees who receive silent promotions workplace They often feel that they are being punished for their good work by being given additional work and responsibilities, without any recognition or reward. This can also lead to resentment and decreased job satisfaction, especially if there are coworkers who have the same title and salary but work less. And after a while, this can lead to a well-performing employee feeling burned out and eventually leaving for a better job.
If you accept a silent promotion, it could impact their growth (in terms of compensation by industry standards) in the long run. Therefore, to avoid silent promotions in the workplace, clear job roles and requirements should be established with their managers.
How to avoid being silently promoted?
1. Clearly share your expectations, responsibilities, and compensation with your manager. While you should not shy away from additional workload, you should also ensure that your manager is aware of your expectations for rewards and recognition, or compensation for the work you do.
2. Be clear about your career goals and what you hope to achieve from your current role. This will ensure clarity and a similar vision between you and the employer/manager.
3. Speak up for yourself and negotiate for fair compensation in the workplace. If monetary compensation is something the employer cannot provide at this time, a change of assignment or a dry promotion with other benefits and more responsibility can be negotiated without a pay raise.
And finally, if you’re being quietly promoted, manage your workload and burnout. Ask for help or better resources if needed.

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